10 Ways You Are Destroying Your Garden!


Do you have a knack for gardening?  Or are you fond of having a big lawn at your place?  Are you aware that you might be doing gardening words that even could destroy/damage it? People often do not focus on their gardening techniques. They are unaware of the fact that the more careless they are, the more risk they’re putting their lovely garden at.

To help you understand better, below mentioned are 10 ways that might be destroying your dear garden. Read on, compare them with your gardening techniques, and change them today itself if they’re wrong!

By Not Killing Weeds

Herbicides, also known as ‘weedkillers’ which are generally used to control unwanted plants, may affect your garden really badly. Of course, it is mandatory to control the unwanted plant growth, but what is more important than that is to select the right product for the process.

You may contact, Contact Organics for a natural weed killer that are truly environment-friendly, and safe for your plants. They’re made with the intention to be an alternative to chemical herbicides.

Wrong Tools

Your daily gardening tools may not prove to be good friends to your plants. They can be highly inappropriate. It is recommended to use bronze/copper tools. Not only are they harmless, but also offer a number of benefits like prevention from infections, ionising surface water, and so forth.

Killing Worms

A lot of people mistake worms to be serious harm to their plants. In fact, in reality, it is not true. Garden worms are considered as highly beneficial to gardens and worms due to their ability to help water reach deep roots. Hence, if you have worms in your garden, just appreciate their presence! 🙂


Planting more trees in a small area is never a good idea. This may hinder their growth and block sunlight for the small ones which are essential for their growth.

Watering at Inappropriate Times

The most mistake done by several people is watering the plants at inappropriate times. For instance, if you water them on a hot sunny day, the water will evaporate and certainly won’t reach the roots.

Fence/ Shed Installation

The fence helps to keep your plants protected and away from unwanted visitors. Sheds may provide you convenience for gardening, but they are not beneficial to plants if installed in the wrong way. Before the installation, consider taking expert advice to avoid any harm to your garden.

Cutting Too Much

Cutting too much of a plant or even at the wrong time in a year, may cause serious damage to them. You must do your research for every plant in your garden before cutting them.


Planting at Wrong Spots

Before planting, check if it can provide the plant necessary sunlight or not. Is it suitable for its growth or not. Never plant it at a spot just because it looks good there.


Too much watering can damage your plants by drowning their roots. There’s always a thin line between watering and overwatering.

Too Many Fertilisers

Using too many commercial fertilisers is likely to damage your plants or cause a quick death.