5 Creative Ideas To Hang Lantern In Your Home

When we are talking about the internal decors, the first thing that comes to our mind is about the hanging lanterns and chandeliers. Regardless of the nature of manufacturing, the various designs of the lanterns can be hung from the ceiling or from the wall using different methods.

Many people prefer hiding the lantern in between vines to create a natural outdoor look. Even, some cover the lanterns with laces or yarn ropes to give it a more rustic look. Decorating the homes with different items like flower, candles and even many other things seems to be the most surreal thing you can do, especially in the festive seasons.

If you are confused between the different processes of hanging the lantern, then here are the best five creative ways by which you can do it. Let’s go further and delve deep into the ways of changing your normal lantern into the most exquisite one!


If you want to give a signature look to your house with the touch of the season of Fall then this is perhaps the best idea for creating an ethereal look. Bring in a column lantern with transparent glass and use a sodium vapor lamp to create a yellowish glow.

Wrap the vines and the leaves from the top of the lantern and let the strands fall loosely on the walls. You can even use the plastic red berries to increase the autumn look of the lamp since these small red fruits indicate the onset of the season. Candles will also work if you wish to have a more rustic and vintage style look.


If you are planning to make your Christmas more happening, just don’t focus on the Christmas tree. This year, you have a more prestigious idea to welcome your relatives and friends.

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In spite of hanging a normal lantern on the threshold of the door, fill the box with the Christmas bells and place a thick candle in between. You can also attach a golden star in the hook and then hang it from the ceiling.


If you have a spare grater in your home, use it to make a hanging lantern. This will be a great substitute for the metal piece lanterns and will create a similar effect on the walls. Place them on the sides of the stair wall and fix it on pedestals. Don’t crowd the wall with too many lanterns. Use the optimum amount to create the heavenly glow you need.

You can use either the white-vapored or the yellow-vapored lamp. Another way to use these grated lanterns is to hang them at an apt distance on the patio. The metal hanging lantern exporters in Uttar Pradesh sell some intricate designs of metalwork lanterns throughout the country.


Use a wrought iron lantern to create the desired appeal in this design. Buy two identical rustic looking lanterns from the decorative lantern suppliers in India and have electrical candles attached to it. You can buy an inbuilt one or you can paste the candles using the hot glue gun.

Hang the two lanterns just by the side of a wooden clock of rectangular shape on the wall of your living room. However, be sure that your furniture and internal decor is not of the modern or the modular style. Victorian architecture or the Georgian style will look best with this lantern hanging style.

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These orbs are made from the yarn ropes or the lacy cloth. In fact, you can make this lantern in your home too using the ropes and a balloon to get the structure of the orb. Use a LED mesh to create a starlit design and hang it from the ceiling.