5 Reasons Student Housing is Better Than Regular Rentals

5 Reasons Student Housing is Better Than Regular Rentals

Students are always looking for housing when they go to college. They have two options, regular rentals or student housing. The price of tuition and textbooks is on the rise, and students would rather spend their money on living expenses than dorms. Living in a dorm is better than any other type of housing because it provides students access to social interaction, privacy, and convenience. Dorms are the perfect living quarters for college students because they offer everything that young adults need to succeed in their education.

5 Reasons Students Housing Is Better Than Regular Rentals

1. Social Interaction

Social interaction is one of the most important aspects of a student’s life. Dorms provide students with easy access to social interaction because they are located on campus. Regular rentals are located off-campus, so students miss out on social interaction if they live in a dorm.

Clubs and Organizations

Living in a dorm also allows students to join clubs and organizations. These activities allow students to interact with others that share the same interests.

Visits and Parties

Dorms also provide college students an opportunity to socialize through visits and parties during holiday breaks or summer vacations. This allows students to make new friends quickly.

2. Privacy

Privacy is another key factor in choosing the house for college.

Personal Space

Dorms are the best choice because they offer students single rooms, allowing them privacy when studying or relaxing. The opportunity to have your room provides students with an important space to be alone and unwind from all of their college activities.

Shared Space

Students don’t want to live in a regular rental where they are forced to share their living space with other tenants, making it difficult for them to have privacy when they want it.

Regular rentals are not the best choice of housing because you will be sharing your apartment or house with multiple people, so there is no opportunity for personal space. When you opt for luxury student apartments in Ames, you will have guaranteed private space.

3. Convenience

Proximity to Campus

5 Reasons Student Housing is Better than Regular Rentals for Students Today  – B.HOM Student Living

Dorms are located on or close to campus, which eliminates the need for students to spend time traveling from and to the campus. This also allows students to get more out of their days by focusing on their studies and extracurricular activities.

Access to Resources

Dorms provide college students with a convenient living space that gives them easy access to all their resources for academic success. Most resources students need to be located on campus. Classes, libraries, and cafeterias are easily accessible to students living in a dorm. Students who live in regular rentals lose valuable time for studying or participating in sports activities. Because of this, maintaining high grades becomes difficult because of the added pressure of commuting.

4. Community Feeling

Share Interests

Living in a dorm allows students to feel like part of a community. Dorms are designed to create a sense of community by providing spaces for students to gather and socialize with one another. This allows students from all backgrounds and majors to meet new people and connect with others who share similar interests.

Feeling of Seclusion

Regular rentals do not allow students to feel like they belong. Because each tenant has their own living space and kitchen, it is challenging to create a community atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and accepted. This makes it more stressful for tenants because they are forced to live with people who may be different from themselves or have conflicting schedules.

5. Financial Affordability

Rent is Included in the Tuition Fee

Living in a dorm is the most affordable option for college students. The cost of living in a dorm is included in the tuition fee, making it easier for students to budget their money. Students who live in regular rentals must pay for rent, utilities, and food separately, which makes housing even more expensive.

Flexible Payments

Also, dorms offer more flexible payment plans than regular rentals. Students who live in a dorm can choose to pay for their housing monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly depending on their budget and needs. Regular rentals do not offer flexible payment plans, forcing students to pay for their housing all at once.

Living in a dorm offers several benefits to students. Dorms provide students easy access to their friends, privacy, convenience, community feeling, and financial affordability. Living in a regular rental does not offer these benefits, making it less desirable for college students.