5 Reasons You Should Get Your Home Locks Rekeyed Right Away

5 Reasons You Should Get Your Home Locks Rekeyed Right Away

Rekeying locks is an effective, cheap, and quick way to reset complete control over the accessibility of your locks. It’s advisable to get it done if you’ve recently bought a new house and have just moved in. But that’s not the only time you should consider it! It’s a great security measure to get your locks rekeyed after regular intervals.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s essentially the practice of changing the pins inside your home’s door locks such that all of the existing keys will no longer be functional. You’ll get new keys for each door, and anyone who has the previous keys in possession will no longer be able to get in. You can follow a tutorial to do it yourself, but it’s much easier to hire a professional to do it as locksmiths use key machines to get the job done as quickly and properly as possible.

Here are 5 cases when you should get YOUR home locks rekeyed immediately!

1. You’ve Just Moved Into Your New Home

Let’s start off with one of the most wholesome reasons to get your locks rekeyed; moving into your very own new home! We know that receiving the keys to your brand new home is an amazing feeling, but you simply don’t know how many people already have access to a copy of those keys. To make sure that you, and only you, have access to your new home – make sure to get all your locks rekeyed or replaced.

2. You’ve Lost Some of Your Key Copies

Losing house keys is much more concerning than misplacing just any item, even if you don’t need those copies. That’s because you never know who has them, which puts your safety at risk.

Thankfully, rekeying provides an easy fix. If you’ve lost some copies of your house keys, simple hire a locksmith to get your locks rekeyed. This makes all the previous keys useless and ensures that only you and your loved ones have access to your home.

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3. You’ve Fired Someone and Haven’t Taken Back the Keys

Family members aren’t the only people with key copies. You might have handed them over to a housekeeper, cleaner, or babysitter. However, if you’ve fired such a worker recently but forgot to take the keys back, you should get your locks rekeyed immediately. Regardless of how trustworthy they were, it’s always advisable to do everything it takes to ensure the complete safety of yourself and your loved ones. In this case, it’s to rekey your locks!

4. Key Clutter

If you’ve got a massive bunch of keys for different doors inside the house, a rekeying job might be overdue. Key clutter can slowly creep up on you when you replace or rekey certain locks here and there, leaving you with a massive ring of keys to carry around. With rekeying, you can get all your locks to work with a single master key – problem solved! Say goodbye to trying out 10 different keys to open one door.

5. Your Tenants Moved Out

If you’ve rented out your property to tenants, make sure to get your locks rekeyed every time a party moves out. You never know who they might have handed over copies to, putting the safety of your new tenants at risk.

The same goes if you’ve recently had a paying guest or a roommate move out!