5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets came into the market in the 20th century, and since then, they have undergone many stylistic and functional changes as kitchen designs have changed.

You might have had the same cabinets since you have moved into your home, but they might have become old and out of style since you’ve gotten them. If you’re unsure about finding out if your kitchen cabinet doors need replacing, here are some easy signs to spot.

Outdated Style

If your kitchen cabinets look like they belong in an antique house, it’s a good indicator that they don’t belong in your kitchen anymore. These kitchen cabinets have old hardware that might even be rusted and generally looks old-fashioned.

If you have white kitchen cabinets, they might also be yellowing due to how old they are. Generally, cabinets can last you for 50 years, provided they’ve been made from good quality materials. However, signs of wear and tear can show up before then, and you need to start looking for replacement doors immediately.

Doesn’t Fit Your Kitchen Aesthetic

If you have a modern minimalistic kitchen aesthetic, cabinet door types like Mullion Frame Doors and Open Frame Doors will not fit in with your interiors.

However, if you have a classic traditional kitchen interior with a timeless design, even an outdated cabinet may suit that aesthetic.

Sometimes, even a coat of paint could refresh your cabinets, but this is not a long-lasting option. It is a short-term solution as the paint will eventually chip away, and you will have your old cabinets again.

When you’re planning on getting your kitchen remodeled, you might not consider changing your cabinet doors because it seems like an unnecessary expenditure. However, they contribute significantly to the aesthetic of a kitchen, which is why you should always make sure your remodeling efforts include your cabinet doors too.


If your cabinets are showing spots, not closing properly, or appearing swollen, you might have water damage affecting your cabinet doors. Wood is very susceptible to become water damaged, especially if your water system is leaking from somewhere.

Your cabinets might also have mold, warping, or de-laminating on the outside. Sometimes, bubbling also becomes evident in the doors, which is another sign of damage. If you’re too late in figuring out the source of damage, you need to replace kitchen cabinet doors right away.

Even if you can fix the damage, your cabinets may never look the same again, in which case, you will need to change the cabinets in the future.

While your kitchen cabinet doors can look fine externally, if they have damage, it is only a matter of time before that damage makes itself seen. That’s why it’s optimal to change your cabinet doors as soon as you start seeing tell-tale signs of damage.

Little to No Functionality

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If you are having a hard time accessing your cabinets and finding items inside them due to the design and structure of the cabinet, it may be time to change your doors to make them more efficient for you.

If your cabinet doors are opening up and banging against the wall or not opening properly, you will be discouraged from utilizing them at all. That’s why it’s better to change your cabinet doors so you can be more organized and make use of your space.

If you have Partial Overlay cabinet doors, you should be aware that they are generally constructed of low-quality material and leaves huge gaps on your cabinets. It does not look nice and has no functionality either. In this case, you should change your cabinet doors.

Mold Infestation

If your cabinet has a ‘soft’ structure, which means, if it is starting to show signs of damage such as mold or termites, it might already be too late for it to be repaired. If the wall attachment between your cabinet door and cabinet is also falling apart, you might need your cabinet door changed immediately.

By changing your cabinet doors, you’re also preventing any further damage or infestation from spreading to the rest of the kitchen.

Replace Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors Before It’s Too Late

High-quality cabinets made from good-quality wood such as oak, cherry, and maple will last you a few decades without changing them. However, if you invest in a trendy cabinet door, they can quickly go out of style.

By changing the look and design of your cabinet doors, you can also easily revamp the aesthetic of your kitchen without a lot of money being spent. If you plan to sell your house in the future, you should consider timeless classic doors such as Shaker-style cabinet doors.