7 Ways To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Basement

7 Ways To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Basement

One of the most common problems in many homes, basement mold can not only produce an unpleasant musty smell but also harm your home’s foundation and make you and your family sick. Though difficult to get rid of, the task is not impossible, especially if you use any of these seven ways to prevent mold from growing in your basement.

Use a Dehumidifier

Should you have humidity levels in your basement that exceed 50 percent, a dehumidifier can make a tremendous difference. By constantly removing moisture from the air, your basement can stay drier and less likely to let mold start growing.

Don’t Grow Plants Indoors

While you may enjoy growing houseplants, doing so in your basement is a recipe for disaster regarding mold. Since you’ll be watering your plants on a regular basis in an area of your home that is already dark and damp, mold will start growing and never stop.

Get Rid of Basement Clutter

Since your basement is the perfect spot to store stuff and get it out of sight and out of mind, you may have quite a bit of clutter downstairs. If so, you’ve probably also got plenty of mold on your stuff, especially if you have stored books or clothing in your basement. If you do need to store things in your basement, you can prevent basement mold by storing only a minimal amount of items, and also making sure they are kept away from having direct contact with the floor or walls.

No Wood in the Basement

If you have a fireplace, don’t store the wood you use for it in your basement. A natural surface on which mold can grow and spread quickly, it is best if you keep your wood stored in a location that is open and has good airflow.

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Clean Up Spills and Leaks


If you have spills or leaks in your basement, don’t let them linger. Instead, clean them up immediately. If you don’t, the water may be able to get underneath flooring or behind walls, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew.

Insulate Your Water Pipes

When you have cold water pipes inside your basement, they will almost always show buildups of condensation on their exterior. If you allow this to continue, mold can easily grow on the pipes and spread to other areas of your basement. To eliminate this possibility, insulate the pipes so that you can also lower your basement’s humidity levels.

Direct Water Away from Your Home

As the experts at 58 Foundations know, water that is allowed to pool around the foundation will almost always lead to moisture and leakage problems. Rather than face these problems and the growth of mold, have the yard surrounding your home sloping away from the foundation, which forces water to go elsewhere

By paying attention to what may be going on in your basement and implementing these steps along the way, you can have a basement that is mold-free in all its nooks and crannies.