8 Last-Minute Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas Decor

Christmas is just around the corner. You’ve probably shopped for your gift list and planned what to bring for your Christmas pot-luck parties. But alas! You haven’t decorated your home because you don’t have the time to mount your tree and adorn your walls and corners.

Don’t fret because here are eight last-minute decoration ideas to prepare your home for the Yuletide season.

Place A Ready-Made Christmas Tree

Save yourself the hassle of erecting a Christmas tree and bringing out the sparkly baubles by using a ready-made Christmas tree instead! Foldable Christmas trees are a popular choice as they are already adorned with baubles, ornaments, ribbons, and even a topper. Just assemble the base and place the tree over the pole, and voila! You have a decorative tree for the holidays. If you want something more glamorous, sequined tabletop Christmas trees are a great alternative.

Cut-Out Window Decor

Cut-outs of snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, penguins, and reindeers are easy and cheap decorations you can stick to your windows. Use colored cellophane or colored paper to cut out shapes as decor in preparation for Christmas.

Put Ornaments On Your House Plants

Christmas trees can take a lot of space in your home, especially if you live in a studio condo unit or apartment. But you can still have decorative greenery in your home by adding trinkets to your house plants!

Hang ornaments, tinsel, and lights on the branches of your potted plants like how Tivoli Garden Residences decorate their foliage in their amenity area during Christmas. Miniature Santa Claus hats will make your succulents and bonsai look adorable. Cut out snowflakes and place them on your plants’ branches to mimic snow falling on greenery.

Decorating your houseplants as your Christmas tree will also save you money from buying or cutting a new tree every year.

Decorate with Pine Cones

Pine cones are festive pieces that you can quickly get from any craft store. Tie a golden string around pine cones to make your rustic garland or Christmas tree ornaments. Hang pine cones on a branch or hoop to make a mobile. Add sprigs of holly or evergreen on the ring to add hints of green against the browns. Glue pine cones together to create a wreath for your front door, cabinet, fireplace, and wall. Make a half wreath if you want a minimalist Christmas theme.

Display Your Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are another Christmas staple. Besides creating fun shapes for warm, yummy desserts, cookie cutters are great for decorating your place. Lay them on your fireplace mantle to add more color if your walls are bare. Hang the cutters on a hoop or branch to make a cute cookie-cutter mobile. Create a cookie-cutter wreath by using twine or hot glue to stick them together into a circle.

Make Origami Decor

Bring out your stash of colored paper and fold them to create origami decorations. There are tons of tutorials online that teach you how to make origami Christmas trees, stars, lanterns, angels, and Santa Claus and his reindeers. Use old magazines and newspapers to create more unique origami pieces.

Use Glass Bowls And Jars

Christmas Decor

Make glitzy decor by placing pine cones, Christmas baubles, origami stars, or twigs of pine and holly in glass jars. You can also put these in glass bowls or dishes to create an easy centerpiece for your table.

Build A Christmas Tree Out Of Books

Repurpose your books by stacking them into circles to create a unique Christmas tree! Adorn it with a string of lights and presto! You have an instant Christmas tree out of your favorite books. Top it with a figure of your favorite book character to make your book tree look more attractive.

Decorating your home for the holidays doesn’t have to take months or require you to spend a fortune to achieve the ideal Christmas theme. Improvise with these eight tips and use various items you already have in your place to create distinct Christmas decor.