A Complete Process for Demolishing and Rebuilding a House

A Complete Process for Demolishing and Rebuilding a House

When faced with major renovations, demolition and rebuilding the house can be a better option.  But demolition to rebuild the house might not be the first consideration of many. People like to do even large-scale alterations without demolition.

However, sometimes rebuilding your house instead of renovation makes sense, both financially and architecturally. It gives you a chance to replace your old house with a new design of your choice. For example, you can install a better electric system or drainage system. Or you can install better lights like cheap led ceiling lights UK that will reduce your electricity bills too.

Here we have an extensive guide that will help you in the process of demolishing and rebuilding your house.

What To Consider Before Demolishing Your House

After making the decision to demolish your house, you need to consider a few things. First, hire an architect who will help you with the designing process. Then apply for the planning permission. You also need to check if your building is locally listed as a place of historical interest. Because in that case, you may not get permission until you prove it is necessary and will be an improvement.

Get Demolition Permission

Before demolishing your house, you need planning permission. But in some cases, planning permission is not needed to demolish a building. For example, if your house or residential building is up to 50 cubic meters. But even in such cases, sometimes the local council has some restrictions. So, you need to check it earlier.

Contractor’s Role in Demolishing

Demolishing a house is a job that can only be done by a specialist. Because it involves health and safety risks. You may need to notify the local building control authority prior to knocking down your old house.

Sort Utilities Earlier

Another thing that needs to be done beforehand is to sort out utilities. So, don’t forget them and contact utility companies earlier because they may take a long time to respond. The demolition company will also need to know that you have sorted utilities before starting their work.

Get Planning Permission

Get planning permission from the local planning authority for your new house ahead of demolishing the old house. You can get approval for the new house of the same size and volume as your old one before demolishing. But after demolishing, gaining approval for a land with no volume is difficult.

Hire an Architect

Hiring an architect before purchasing a property, or at the beginning of this process is helpful. Because you can get advice on whatever you want to do on the site. They can also apply for rebuilding your house to the planning department even before you purchase.

Getting Planning Approval

Make sure your planning application is sensible. Because you will get permission from the planning department if your plans are keeping with the neighbourhood.

Keep the Drainage in mind

Before you plan for demolishing and rebuilding your house, think about the land drainage. It is more important to consider this point if you are going to do a large dwelling. You may need a holding tank or a pump, in some cases. You should also need to contact the owners of utilities. Because you will need new mains for drainage too as you might not connect to the old drainage system.

Rebuilding A New House

If you are rebuilding your house, then you need to adhere to more changes than you would be doing in case of renovation. Every aspect of your house e.g., light, water system, drainage, etc. needs to comply with building regulations. It should meet the standards of insulation.

Moreover, there should be a maximum stair gradient. Eco feature must also be incorporated.