Are Over Car Storage Boxes Beneficial?

Are Over Car Storage Boxes Beneficial?

There are many options when it comes to offering on-site storage units in apartment complexes, but one of the more modern options is installed right into already existing parking spots. Over-car storage is a great on-site storage option for apartment properties that may not have the extra unused space to install full traditional-style storage lockers. But, do renters like them? Are they beneficial for your property overall? There are numerous benefits to opting to install on-site storage units, both for renters and property owners. Car space storage units are no different and can bring all the same great benefits of traditional storage lockers. 

The Benefits of On-Site Storage 

On-site storage can be a win-win for both you and your tenants, by giving you an extra monthly income and giving your tenants a trustworthy and secure place to house their extra belongings. When apartment renters don’t have a designated space that they can safely leave their extra items, they can resort to stowing them away in hallways, patios, and other common spaces. This can cause an inconvenience to the other tenants in the area, making them maneuver around the stored items. This can also make the property look unkempt and unorganized as a whole, which is not great for potential future renters. The right on-site storage unit can add sleek design and organization to your property, and car space storage is no different. Studies show that apartment renters can be willing to pay upwards of $100 a month for the use of safe and secure storage units on-site, and all of those rental fees go straight back to your own pocket. 

Why Choose Car Space Storage

There is no shortage of on-site storage options, parking space storage bins only being one example. They are a great fit for smaller properties with little to no extra unused space to install traditional-style lockers. Some prefer the privacy of the parking space storage bins and enjoy the fact that they are freestanding and not connected to other renters’ units. They can turn unused space either at the front of the parking spot, or over the hood of the car, into safe, secure, and private designated storage space that is easily accessible when they need it. Renters value convenience, especially in densely populated areas where it would be a journey in itself for them to find an offsite storage facility. 

Choosing the Right Unit for Your Property 

Though car space storage is just one example of a storage bin style for on-site units, there are still varying factors within the umbrella of ‘car space storage’. There are many options from walls made of solid steel, made from mostly wood, or made with wire mesh cages. If safety and security are in your priorities with your on-site storage, which they should be, you should be aware of the pitfalls that come with wire mesh and other less secure options. Wire mesh storage provides little to no coverage or privacy, leaving renters’ belongings out in the open and vulnerable to wandering eyes and passing by thieves. The lack of coverage also allows for dirt, debris, insects, and anything else in the surrounding area to make its way easily into your renter’s belongings. Property owners can fall into the pitfalls of wire mesh because of the seemingly low price point, however, there are plenty of other, higher quality storage options in the same price range that don’t compromise price for security. Choosing a storage solution that provides security, safety, and privacy for your renters will give them peace of mind and they will be more willing to pay the rental fees to use them and keep their extra belongings safe and sound in them.