Are Storage Units in Apartments Affordable?

Are Storage Units in Apartments Affordable?

There are many kinds and designs of storage units for apartments can benefit from, but how affordable is it for property owners to install some? Storage is a huge industry, and finding great, high-quality storage that stays within the budget may seem like an uphill battle. It can be tempting to go with storage options that seem to be cheaper at face value, such as wire mesh style storage, but studies show these options are less than ideal. There are viable, high-quality options for on-site apartment storage that are comparable in price to these wire mesh bins, which make up for the qualities that wire mesh lacks. 

The Problems with Wire Mesh

As we said, wire mesh storage bins may seem like the best option for the money, but leave a lot to be desired. The wire mesh provides little to no cover, meaning your renter’s belongings are vulnerable to the open air around them. This allows for bugs, dirt, and debris to find their way easily into the storage bins and into their extra belongings. The little coverage of the mesh is also all but an open invitation for wondering eyes and thieves looking for an easy come up. The only thing separating crooks and your renter’s belongings is a simple pair of wire cutters. The little coverage of mesh also makes for a messy and unkempt appearance. Since the mesh is see-through, whatever state the renter’s belongings are in is on full display for anyone passing by. This may seem like a small scale issue, but future potential renters see properties more highly if they are organized and sleek in appearance. Since wire mesh leaves so much to be desired, they tend to be less desirable by tenants and less likely to be rented. One of the huge benefits for property owners to offer supplemental storage to renters is the extra monthly income that can accumulate from rental fees, but unfortunately, this only works if the renters feel the storage is worth it to pay for. 

A Better Option

The storage professionals and Bradyl have different storage options to fit your property’s needs, all while keeping the cost comparable to wire mesh designs. Bradyl storage options are loved by renters and landlords alike and for good reason. 

  • The Bradyl Box- Turing the previously unusable air space of existing parking spaces, the Bradyl Box is a perfect storage option for properties looking to add storage for tenants but don’t have the extra space for locker style solutions. The Bradyl Box is a free-standing parking space storage box with 80 cubic feet of storage space and up to 900-pound capacity. It features adjustable legs, so it can fit easily over any car or SUV, and most sized trucks.
  • The Bradyl Bin- Private enclosed storage bins that can turn your unused open space into beautiful and high-quality storage. The doors can be customized to fit any color scheme, adding a beautiful and sleek design feature to your property. The Bradyl Bin is a traditional locker style storage solution and offers safety and security to your apartments. Renters love the privacy and sleek design of Bradyl Bins and prefer to have the on-site option as opposed to finding other storage off-site. 

On-Site Storage Adds Value and Security

Among other benefits, adding storage to your apartment complex adds value to the property. As a sought after amenity, on-site storage can give you a leg up on the local competition. Convenience is a great selling point for tenants in highly populated city areas. It’s a win-win for tenants and landlords alike.