Building Facade Cleaning: More Than Just For Cleaning Buildings

Building Facade Cleaning: More Than Just For Cleaning Buildings

Clean buildings look great, and facade cleaning lets us do that. However, there is more to building facade cleaning than only making your office exterior shine

Health Is A Concern

Yes, dirty exterior walls can contribute to the deteriorating health of the people inside it. Disease carrying germs, bacteria, grime, moss, etc. love dirty places, and they are not necessarily choosy about indoors or outdoors, so will grow anywhere.There is a special kind of building facade cleaning, called moss cleaning, where a moss control agent is sprayed on the affected areas. If there isn’t moss and the biggest problem is the dust, high-pressure water cleaning, or special cleaning can be done which will remove the virus.

Remember, it is not only about the diseases, but building facade cleaning is an excellent way to control allergies and other breathing difficulties.

Pollutants Can Ruin An Entire Building

Singapore isn’t the most polluted city in the world, but there still are pollutants. Furthermore, acid rain is almost a norm these days. With these being the cases, the air has substances such as sulfur, nitrous oxide, etc., which can damage the building. Moreover, with there being a lot of rain in Singapore, walls can get moist which will block the pores in the building substance to avoid the smooth passing of air. This will again damage your building.

Renovating a building, especially the exterior takes a lot of money. Instead, hiring facade cleaning services regularly is going to be a great long-term investment.

It Directly Affects Your Customers And Employees

You are going to improve your brand positioning by a huge margin if you are able to wow your clients the first time they see your building. Now, this is done through architecture, but the situation will be exactly the opposite if the building is dirty.

Moreover, employees love working in a clean building. On the other hand, if the building has a lot of stains, they may even be ashamed to ‘tell’ about the place they work, even when they pass by the building outside work with friends or other relations.

You can look for rope access companies in Singapore that offer building facade cleaning for the best results.