Caring For Your Furniture

Caring For Your Furniture

Your home is where you spend a great deal of time and should be a place of comfort and relaxation. Part of creating a home you want to spend time in is having furniture that fits your style and that you like. Furniture is a large investment for many homeowners, and you want your furniture to last. Different types of furniture require different types of care and caring for wood furniture is different than caring for fabrics.

Common Care Tips

There are some tips that are universal for caring for your furniture to help it last longer. You should vacuum or dust your furniture as needed to keep it looking clean. Avoid direct sunlight and exposure to moisture as it can cause fading to various types of fabrics and wood. Also, extreme temperature changes in the location of your home can damage your furniture.

Tips For Specific Types of Furniture

When you need to care for specific types of furniture it’s important to note that every type of material is different and what works for one type of material may not work on another or in the worst-case scenario can even damage it.

  • Glass: your cabinets and bookshelves may have glass components. Common care such as wiping down glass components with a soft cloth and window cleaner can keep them looking clean and clear. For stains that you can’t wipe away a mix of 3 parts vinegar mixed with 1 part ammonia is a common homemade cleaner you can set on a glass stain (up to overnight) until the stain can be wiped away. Glass can be tricky to clean and require some innovative thinking.

How To Clean And Care For Leather Furniture

  • Leather: leather is a common material for furniture and adds a touch of class to any home. Regular daily care includes vacuuming to remove dust and loose debris and looking for any damage or stains. If you notice a stain a soft cloth dipped in a mix of vinegar and water can be used to wipe down your leather furniture followed by wiping it dry. Note that for grease-based stains use a dry cloth to avoid spreading and apply baking soda if the grease stain has been set to help remove it.
  • Marble: marble countertops and furnitureare sturdy and long-lasting but do require proper care. When you need to clean your marble furniture be sure to use a soft cloth (or sponge) with a mild detergent such as dish soap. Be sure to avoid more abrasive cleaners such as vinegar or directly applying bleach as it can damage the marble surface leading to fading and dullness. For more stubborn stains a baking soda paste blended with acetone can help. Applications of sealants can also help protect your marble furniture.
  • Wood: when caring for your wood furniture you should regularly dust it with a soft damp cloth to help it last longer. Wood can be sensitive to certain types of chemicals and you should use mild cleaners such as mild detergents or dish soap when you need to remove stains. Keeping your wood furniture out of direct sunlight and applying a coat of polish can keep your wood furniture looking as vibrant as the day you bought it.

Final Thoughts

When you finish decorating your home it’s not uncommon to feel a degree of satisfaction as with the right furniture you can make your home truly unique and truly yours. For most people, their home is both one of their largest investments and the place where they spend the majority of their time. You want your furniture to last as long as possible and with proper care, you can ensure you get your money’s worth out of your decorating expenses.