Common Basement Issues and Repair Guide

Common Basement Issues and Repair Guide

It has become much more popular these days for homeowners that have a basement to refinish it. Unfortunately, there are some inherent issues that come with trying to use a basement as an additional living space. Since the basement is actually dug into the ground under the house, there are certain things that you need to be aware of.

Finishing the basement is a big investment and occupying a space that was not originally designed to be a living space. Below is a list of five common issues that people have reported about their basement. Some of them will require help from a professional company that specializes in basement repair.

5 Most Common Basement Issues

Mold Caused by Excessive Humidity and Moisture – It is common to find mold and mildew growth in parts of the basement. This is mainly because it is usually closed up and subject to excessive build-up of moisture. If left unchecked, the moisture and humidity can easily cause mold and mildew to begin growing on surfaces. Make it a habit to regularly check for the build-up of moisture or humidity.

Strange Odors – You should always investigate any unusual odors as soon as possible. Do not fall into the trap by saying “all basements smell”. Actually, any odors are likely the result of either standing water, mold, or mildew. The quicker you are able to identify the cause, the faster you can get it repaired. Bad odors can also be caused by damage in an attached crawl space, this could lead to structural issues.

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Cracks, Leaks in Walls and Floor – Cracks can appear in many different places in a basement, walls, floor, and even egress windows. If you come across even the smallest cracks, you need to be sure that you address them. Any cracks can allow water to seep in from the outside and could possibly lead to structural damage. Repeated cracking can be a sign of more serious conditions and you should consult a professional basement repair company. Be very vigilant for any cracks in the walls and floor.

Unstable Foundation – If your home has a poured concrete basement it is also part of the foundation of the home. Any type of damage, including excessive cracking or continued cracking, can be a sign of an unstable foundation. If you suspect that you are having this kind of issue, you really need to contact a professional basement repair company. An unstable foundation can lead to much more serious structural problems with the rest of your home.

Sump Pump Failed – When a basement is poured a sump is installed in the lowest corner of the room. This sump is designed to collect any water that ends up in the basement. Along with the sump is an electric pump that is designed to automatically pump out the water from the sump. If the motor happens to fail, there isn’t a way to remove the water and it could end up flooding the basement. You should make a habit of checking the operation of the sump pump.