Common Garage Door Problems

Garage Door

Your garage door is a necessity. You do not realize how important it is to you until it no longer works. Many of us do not even use our front door because we go through the garage. Before you call Coastal Garage Doors with a problem, consider these potential issues.

There is a large amount of pressure on your garage door springs. After a while, the pressure builds up and may cause them to break. If they break, the garage door no longer works. If you are fortunate enough to be in or around the garage when the spring breaks, you will hear it fall. You should check your springs regularly to make sure they are intact and not on the ground. The good news is this is an easy fix and replacement.

Your garage door uses wire cables to lift and lower it. They can break or become damaged over time and with use. The wire cables age and become brittle and may snap. You should check the cables on a regular basis to see if they are damaged or worn down. Your garage door has rollers the help it moves smoothly along the track. When the rollers get worn, they may prevent the door from opening. The garage door may get stuck somewhere along the track. The door may move along the track but not smoothly which can damage parts of the garage door. It may not be as easy for you to notice the rollers wearing down, but you can pay attention to how the garage door is opening. If you begin to notice it is not as smooth as it should be, you may have to have it looked at.

Your garage door has a fair amount of hardware attached to it. The bolts and hinges become worn down over time which impacts the performance of your garage door. You can check to see if any of the hardware is loose and needs tightening. You can apply a lubricant that is oil-based to make sure everything is moving smoothly. Your garage door moves along a track. It moves a lot throughout the door. Just think of how many times your garage door may go up and down over the course of a weekend. Your garage door may shift out of place as it is used constantly. The track may no longer line up and it continues to move out of place as it is used. This can cause damage to other parts of the garage door.

Your garage door has autoreverse on it. This applies when the garage door touches something or recognizes that something is in its path. When this happens, the garage stops closing and goes back into the open position. If this stops working, it can be dangerous. You can test if this is working by placing an object in the path of the garage door to make sure it does not close on it. If the garage door continues to close, you want to have it serviced right away.