Creating A Modern Kitchen


Modern kitchens.

With styles continually changing and the years marching on, trying to capture a genuinely modern kitchen design that’s going to last can feel difficult sometimes. We’ve all seen these kinds of designs. Whether it’s hair, clothes or music, we’ve all seen styles come and go throughout the years that looked good at the time but now look somewhat… dated. With something as expensive as a kitchen you want to make sure that you’re paying a design that’s going to last.

Luckily, there are quite a few modern kitchens that look like they’re going to be sticking around in the immediate future and that have some great features for you to enjoy.

Want to capture a modern design in your kitchen? Keep reading to find out!

Alpine Designs

While Alpine design ideas are modern, they have a real timeless elegance about them as well. If you’re a fan of warm wooden features, clean lines and fun accessories, then this could be the design for you.

Influenced by classic chalet designs, Alpine kitchens are characterised by their natural materials, rustic chic and modern features. When designing an Alpine Kitchen, wood, granite and other stones are the most commonly used materials for worktops, walls and tiles. If you’re not a fan of bright kitchen colours, then this design will work for you with most Alpine Kitchens utilising a more neutral colour palette. The pairing of hardwoods and soft creams, whites and greys help create a modern feel while also adding a touch of countryside charm. If you would like to add a little colour, then a few splashes of vivid colours a like a bit of red or blue in your accessories or crockery works well.

Fusion Kitchens

A kitchen designed for both work and play, fusion kitchens have luxurious features and fun design choices aplenty. Characterised by shiny, high-gloss surfaces and two-tone edges available in a variety of different colours and finishes, this style can work in almost any space.

Warm and Cosy

If you love the warmth a kitchen can bring to you, then plenty of modern designs are now trying to capture a cosier vibe.

Creating a cosy kitchen design can be very easy so long as you’re clever with your colour scheme and materials. For a richer feel, use deep tones like burgundies, red and browns and use wooden elements for your countertop or flooring to banish any lingering chill.

If you want to go all the way, exposed brickwork behind the stove coupled with a more modern oven can give you a great blend of the old and new as well as helping to tie the room together.

Simple and Sleek

If there’s one classic style that also takes advantage of all the modern technology around it, it’s the simple designs. More minimalist designs have been becoming more popular over the years, with their pared back features and soft colour pallets fitting well within most home designs.

To capture this modern yet minimal aesthetic, make sure to keep your design choices simple and to not go overboard on accessories, appliances and patterns. Many of these types of modern kitchen opt for sleek, sharp lines by using marble countertops and worksurfaces. This material is both soft in colour and can bring a real elegance to a space.

Also make sure to let as much light into the room as you can to open it up. This can be achieved by pairing a lighter colour scheme with bright open windows or, if your room doesn’t get much sun, try bright pendant lights to banish any pesky shadows.

Plenty of us would love to capture a simple vibe, but just have too much stuff or aren’t in a position to throw away necessary items at this time. Fear not. You can give the illusion of a simple, organised space by implementing some clever storage solutions. You can fit multiple bulky pots and pans away in a Lemans and adding hooks to the back of cupboard doors can give you hanging space you hadn’t considered before.

Grey-T Colour Schemes

While grey might not sound like a great colour idea for a kitchen, its proven to be effortlessly chic in more modern designs.

One of the main draws to a grey kitchen is that it can be a very cool and calming shade. If you like dark colours but aren’t a fan of black, then grey is a grey alternative. Or, if you would live a lighter design but find white too sterile, soft greys work just as well with the added bonus of being able to hide stains easier should there be any accidents.

Since grey is a monochromatic colour, it can pair well with a number of other colours. If you don’t want to commit to a fully grey kitchen, you can pair grey features with a vibrant backsplash or accessories to infuse some fun into your space.

Grey also works well with a number of materials, but since it’s rather a cool colour, infusing some warmth into your design by adding a wooden floor, cabinets or countertops can create a wonderful blend of both modern and rustic designs.

When it comes to creating a modern design, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which features you think you’ll enjoy for the longest time. While no one can predict which styles will end up turning from modern to classic, we can see which designs have stuck around the longest and with features that will be the most useful for your day to day life.