East Tower New Capital, Full Guide

East Tower New Capital, Full Guide

East Tower New Capital is a luxurious spiral-shaped shopping mall that stands at the height of 160M and contains a total of 40 Floors each given its unique purpose including 5 of them being garages and a ground floor.

The design of the mall of East Tower is considered one of the most unique designs in the New Administrative Capital and in Egypt Generally.

Location of East Tower

East Tower takes a strategic location in Mohamed Bin Zayed City whereas he is near 4 main streets, it is also located nearby a lot of crucial areas including:

  • Iconic Tower which is only about 500 meters in front of East Tower.
  • The Bin Zayed axis which has 125 meters of width.
  • It is also located nearby so many known projects from the new administrative capital in Egypt including 31 North Tower and Triton Tower while also being located near the New Administrative Airport.

Developers of East Mall New Capital

UC Developments is the Company behind East Tower and many other projects as they have been known for their incredible project designs for over 20 years, UC Developments are highly experienced at building the most luxurious and amazing constructions for so long.

UC Developments the developer of East Tower also has been previously associated with building and constructing other projects as aforementioned such as:

Ankara - Wikipedia

  • Uni Tower & Uni Tower 2 New Capital.
  • They have also been associated with previously done work in Maadi.
  • They built numerous buildings in New Cairo either commercial or residential.
  • In the 6th of October they have built a big quantity of commercial-related projects
  • A lot of residential projects which take place in Heliopolis.
  • In the Fifth Settlement they have also embedded a collection of commercial Projects.

Prices of East Tower

Ora Developments has provided us with a series of options to pick and choose from when deciding how we want our services and what costs suits us best, in East Tower you can buy hotel, commercial and administrative units, each will be put at a certain cost starting from:

  • Hotel units which will cost 55,000 EGP per square meter while also being provided with air conditioning.
  • Commercial units in the Mall of East Tower New Capital will cost 120,000 EGP per square meter.
  • And lastly administrative units which will cost 40,000 EGP per square meter and is also provided by air conditioning.

Facilities and Services

East Tower is also provided by a group of warranted Services to ensure the satisfaction of workers, guests, investors and customers including:

  • Machines to dispose the air pollution to provide a healthy environment.
  • The whole Tower is built using an impregnable material to protect it from earthquakes similarly to that of Burj Khalifa.
  • Machines are carried out to clean East Mall using AI Technologies.
  • Commercial Billboards are set on East Tower New Capital specified to illuminate the night sky.
  • A disposal system to ensure there is no clutter or pollution in the mall.