Fixing A Toilet: 5 Tips To Fix It Before Calling The Experts

Fixing A Toilet: 5 Tips To Fix It Before Calling The Experts

Do you have problems with your toilet? Do you need tips on how to fix a certain issue? Before contacting the plumber to fix your toilet, you should look online for tips that can assist your plumbing issues. How to do it? Well, it all depends on the toilet problem you have. Common problems you might encounter are phantom flushes, water going into the tank but is making a trickling noise, the bowl empties unhurried, your toilet is clogged, or the seals are leaking. Whatever the problem is, we have solutions to each of these that will be included in this article.

5 Quick Tips To Solve The Common Problems of The Toilet:

For each problem mentioned above, we will be telling you what each problem is and how to solve it.

  1. Phantom Flushes: Phantom flushes is a name given to a problem when the toilet would spontaneously refill. When someone flushes it, it will refill, however, phantom flushes happen when someone doesn’t flush the toilet. The toilet will turn on and off by itself. The main reason why it does this is that there is a slow leak from the tank and into the bowl. You can solve this problem by following these steps: a) Drain the tank and bowl first. b) Check the flapper seat, if it is worn or damaged, it is time to get a new one. c) If not, make sure to clean the flapper.
  2. Water Making A Trickling Noise: A trickling noise is described as a hissing sound that comes from your toilet. It is caused by the supply line. To solve this, you need to check the parts of the supply line which include the float, the refill tube, and the ballcock. The sound typically comes from the ballcock. For you to check and repair the ballcock, start with the float, it might need to be adjusted or is sticking. Then go to the refill tube: it shouldn’t be inserted too far for it overflow the tube. If these solutions don’t solve the problem, then you need to get a new ballcock.
  3. Bowl Emptying Like A Snail: If a bowl is emptying very slowly, then you have clogged holes underneath the rim of the bowl. The best way to fix this problem is to a piece of wire curved enough to fit into the hole. Using a coat-hanger wire as an example will cure this problem.
  4. The Clog: The most common problem regarding toilet problems, your toilet is clogged. There are several solutions for cleaning the clog. Using a plunger is one of the common solutions: a force-cup plunger is a good one for clogged toilets. You can also insert a bulb where you will need to pump until the debris goes down the drain. Release a little bit of water so you can see if the drain is clear. If you have a more advanced clog problem, use a closet auger.
  5. Leaky Seals: Toilets have five seals that can leak. Check-in each seal and see if you can spot a hole. If you do, then get something to tighten it or replace it with a new one. The largest one out of the five is the one between the tank and bowl. A leak here will cause the water to break and spill all over your house. To replace it, you need to drain and remove the tank before replacing the tube.

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