Fixing the Summer Heat in Your Garage

The Summer Heat Can Make Your Garage Unbearable – Here’s How to Fix It

A garage is a space that is used for multiple purposes like storage, shelter, workstation, and many more. It needs to be kept cool in summer so that its usability increases.

It is really tough to keep a garage cool when the weather is hot. The temperature inside can become unbearable. It is especially important to keep the garage cool if you use it for a workshop or a place to hang out. But, no matter what the reason for keeping your garage at a comfortable temperature, it can be done with these tips.

The following tips will help you keep your garage cool:

  • Keep the garage door closed when not in use
  • Use insulation to keep the heat out of the garage
  • Use a fan or AC unit to circulate air in your garage
  • Place potted plants outside the garage for natural cooling

How to Turn Your Garage Into a Safe and Cozy Hangout | Real Simple

Insulating the garage door is just as important as insulating any other area of the home. This will help keep the heat out and prevent it from seeping through the walls of your home. There are several types of insulation that can be used on your garage door, but it should be insulated before installing new doors. Be before you opt for insulation, it’s a good idea to inspect your door closely to see whether or not it is making your garage unbearable. If your garage door is damaged from multiple places, you may want to consider garage door replacement Newport News.

Utilize the attic space in your garage. If there is not enough room in your attic, adding an extra layer of insulation can make it easier to maintain a cooler temperature in the attic. Be sure to check with local building codes before doing so, though.

Add additional fans around your garage door to help circulate air throughout the space. You may want to choose two fans: one that blows down from above and another that blows up from below. This will help keep warm air from getting trapped inside and causing an uncomfortable situation for those working in the space.