How to Choose the Right Motorized Blinds and Shades for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Motorized Blinds and Shades for Your Home

If you have fiberglass windows, or other contemporary windows, motorized blinds and shades are almost the default option. However, innovative, modern blinds and curtain suppliers are now selling motorized accessories and treatments for more traditional style windows. Not only do treatments protect your privacy and home security, but they are also crucial to your home’s overall theme and design.

What are Motorized Blinds and Shades?

Window treatments that come with motorization features are a great way to protect your windows. These accessories allow you to control the ventilation levels in your home quickly. Stats show that over 34% of US homeowners have made the leap from traditional window treatments to motorized accessories over the past five years.

Once you install motorized window treatments, you no longer have to open and shut the blinds or draw the shades manually. You may also be able to control the shutting and opening pace and make several other adjustments.

How to Choose the Right Shades and Blinds

While functionality and durability are the chief factors, there are several other points you may want to consider when choosing motorized blinds and shades for your home.

Theme and Style of Your Home

The blinds and shades should suit the design and theme of your home. There are several styles and designs of motorized treatments in the market. You can even find motorized wooden blinds if your home follows a traditional or cottage-style theme. Reputed brands are also selling carved wooden blinds with integrated motorization capabilities.

On the other hand, if you live in a modern, chic apartment, it may be better to choose sheer drapery or transitional shades. Curtains and drapes look better in elaborately decorated luxury homes. Motorized drapes and curtains offer the perfect blend of décor and convenience.

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Speed, Smoothness, and Noise Levels

You may want to avoid treatments that make an excessive grating or rattling noise. You may also want to pay attention to the speed and smoothness with which the shades, drapes, or curtains move. If it’s faster and easier to move the shades or curtains by hand, then it may not seem practical to spend extra money on the motorization features. But, on the other hand, overly noisy shades and drapes may also cause disturbance to your neighbours.

Control Type

The benefit of choosing RC-operated motorized blinds and shades is that you can control them from anywhere in the room. If you can only control the treatments with a switch, then you will lose the convenience of opening or shutting them from your bed or couch. Visit the website of the brads you’ve shortlisted and find out if they offer RC-operated options.

The most significant reason for which people choose motorized options for their windows is convenience. RC-operated window accessories and protectors offer maximum convenience. Innovative brands now sell shades, curtains, and drapes that have smartphone connectivity. You can open, shut, transition, or move them using your smartphone.

Openness Factor

Openness factor” is a term that represents the amount of light and ventilation your window treatments let in. It’s essential to invest in motorized options that give you plenty of flexibility to let in light and air.

You may not want to settle for drapes or shades that open very little. This will rob your home of a lot of natural light and air supply. Compare the openness factor offered by the different brands you’ve explored and choose the brand that offers the maximum range.

Horizontal or Vertical

The shades and drapes can either move horizontally from one side of the window to another or vertically from top to bottom. Additionally, you can also choose blinds with transition options. Experts assert it’s best to choose options that move horizontally.

Vertical options have to be handled carefully and are more prone to damages. Horizontal options also offer more speed and durability. Some advanced brands sell treatments that integrate two or more of these functionalities. However, they may be expensive and unnecessary if you are a homeowner.

Maintenance Level Required

As a homeowner, you may prefer options that require minimal or no maintenance. For example, motorized blinds and shades that need intricate electrical wiring or operating instructions may not be easy to maintain. Instead, you could read reviews or product descriptions of the brands you are considering and choose options that do not require complicated maintenance.

Buy From a Reputed Brand

Your window treatments are a critical addition to your house or apartment. It’s essential to choose the right type of treatment based on style, maintenance level, and functionality. The best choice may be to buy from a reputed brand that sells durable, reliable shades, blinds, and other treatments.