How To Choose The Right Picture Frame For That Special Photo

How To Choose The Right Picture Frame For That Special Photo

Pictures and paintings are an essential addition to any space. Whether it’s your bedroom you’re doing up or living room, bare walls are a total vibe killer. But what about frames? A painting or picture is only as impactful as the frame you choose. From ornate filigreed antique frames to modern and simplistic no-fuss designs, there are so many options to choose from. Choosing the correct frame will help you pull together a room design more seamlessly. If you need some inspiration to get started, we’ve got you covered. Check out our quick guide to choosing the right picture framing for your most precious photos.

Choose A Frame That Complements The Period

This goes without saying, a beautiful painting can be instantly ruined by choosing a frame that is completely at odds with the period. Would you put a Mona Lisa in a bohemian metal frame? If you have any regard for good taste, chances are you won’t. While it’s all well and good to experiment with, precious works of art, especially if they are of the expensive original variety, need to be housed in period-appropriate frames.

Choose the Right Frame Color

When deciding on a frame for your photos, look into finding an appropriate colour. The frame colour you choose will depend on a number of factors. The colours in the paintings or photos are obvious pointers. But the colour of your walls and even the furnishings of the room where the frames are being up are equally important considerations. Choose a colour that goes with the style of the painting too. Modern artwork is unlikely to look good with a gilded gold colour frame. Similarly, a classical style painting will look at odds with a modern black and white frame.

Some options to get you started.

Bold Contrast

For a modern palette, choose a bold colour frame that provides a stark contrast to modern art. For example, contrast a black and white piece of art or photo with a bold red or blue frame. This will immediately catch attention and make the art stand out more.

Smooth Flow

If you want your artwork to melt into the background without being too obtrusive, choose a subtle and subdued frame color. Bleach washed wood frame or a simple white frame will ensure the art blends with the interiors without looking gaudy.

Classic Elegance

If you want to bring continuity to your photos, choose classic black frames that work well with every palette. Black frames are also a good option if you’re someone who switches up their room paint often or mixes up interior trends.

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Choose A Durable Material For The Frame

The material of your frame will affect not just its look but also how long the painting will last. If you want to keep your paintings protected for longer, it is important that you choose a durable frame that lasts a long time. The two most common framing materials are wood and metal. You can also find cheaper fibre or plastic frames, but they lack longevity and strength.

Wood is a classic choice and goes well with virtually all kinds of art and you can even choose a specific finish to suit your style. For more rustic interiors, choose a bleached wood finish. For a more grand look, you can go for a darker polish, thick wood frame. Keep in mind the kind of wood will also affect its price. Natural wood is the most expensive option but also has the most natural-looking grain. It also requires more maintenance and has a tendency to warp in high heat/humidity and is susceptible to pest infestation. On the other hand, engineered wood like MDF is cheaper, more durable and requires less maintenance.

A metal frame is an ideal choice if you like a more minimalist and pared-down design. There are multiple options to choose from. Aluminum is the most common choice and also the cheapest. It is also lightweight and resistant to corrosion. If you have a particularly valuable piece of art, you can also splurge with a silver or bronze frame.

Choose a Frame with Matting

You may think that a picture mat is just window dressing or a pretty border. However, matting provides a number of useful benefits. It helps preserve the image with air circulation and provides support within the frame. As paper expands and contracts with changes in humidity, matting provides space within a frame for artwork to move. Adding a mat to a frame also provides an attractive border to your art, making it stand out better. You also have options. You can choose from single and double mat styles and different colours and textures. Just like the frames, you can explore different colour options to highlight your art the best. A mat is especially important if you are going for a more formal look.

To Wrap Up

A beautiful photo needs an equally beautiful frame. If you are investing in quality art, it only makes sense to put careful thought into the framing as well. Not only do frames help to pull together a design idea, they also provide protection to the painting or photo contained within. Believe us when we say it won’t cost you a ton of money. If you are feeling extra thrifty, you can even DIY your own frame. Play around to find the exact style you are looking for and make your walls the ultimate conversation starter.