How To Decorate Every Room In Your Home For The Holidays

How To Decorate Every Room In Your Home For The Holidays

The holidays are the perfect reason for millions of families to add to their home décor with  Christmas swag and garland, lights and wreaths and maybe even a snowy little town on a mantel above the fireplace. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help you turn every room in your home into a winter wonderland.

Front Entrance

It’s not technically a room, but the entrance to your home is the perfect place to start your decorating extravaganza. The neighbors are sure to appreciate the view, and also plenty of families pile in the car around the holidays and drive around oohing and aahing at houses around town. Why not add to that enjoyment by giving them something to look at?

First, decide on your color scheme for your porch. You don’t have to limit your decorations to reds and greens. Classic whites can draw attention, making your home look like a postcard, and pops of bright colors like turquoise or purple will inspire the children. If you have planters or window boxes, fill them with lots of evergreens and continue with the same color scheme. A beautiful wreath on the door should be in proportion to the door. You don’t want it so oversized that it is difficult for people to go in or out, but don’t choose an undersized wreath that is floating in the middle of the door. Add some more Christmas lights for sparkle after dark.

Then, decorate the entry halls of your home.  If your front entry hall includes the stairway to the second floor, decorate the stair rail with garlands of greenery. Use pots of Christmas poinsettias or miniature evergreen trees on the steps. If there is a bench in your entry, add a red throw or a holiday pillow. Borrow one of your child’s teddy bears and place him on the bench with a big holiday bow around his neck. Don’t forget the other entrances to your home. They are most likely the entrances that the family uses. Maybe you even have a mudroom. Your family will love feeling the holiday spirit as soon as they walk in the door. Hang lots of colorful neck scarves in the mudroom. Tuck a pair of old ice skates or skis in the corner.


The kitchen is an area of your home that has to remain functional while decorated. You can still decorate, but keep your work surfaces clear. Hang an evergreen wreath on the inside of the window. If you have space above your cabinets, use that for decorative items. Add garland up there if it is too shallow for larger items. Use kitchen items like your Christmas cookie cutters to decorate a small live pine tree. Use kitchen towels in holiday colors.

Living Room and Family Room

Your family room or great room is probably where you have your large Christmas tree. If you have a fireplace, the mantel is an ideal place to decorate. Of course, it is the traditional place to hang stockings as well. Keep your fireplace ready to light if you plan on fires, but if not, set the fireplace with white birch logs and some pinecones. If your fireplace is purely decorative, fill it with candles. Change out artwork that normally hangs in your home with art that has a winter or holiday theme. Put lots of plants in this room. A beautiful amaryllis is an elegant focal point on a mantel or table. Large festive poinsettias are great as a floor plant next to a chair or couch. Just remember that poinsettias can be toxic to cats, so ensure your four-legged friends aren’t interested in them before you put them at mouth-level.

How To Decorate Every Room In Your Home For The Holidays

If you also have a living room, decorate here in a slightly more formal way. A second tree in this room could be decorated with more select ornaments. This tree could be color-coordinated with the color scheme of the room. Flowers are so rich and beautiful, but also so needed after the cold weather hits. Use living plants when possible so you can continue to enjoy them after the holidays.

Dining Room

The dining room is another space that needs to remain functional when decorated. Keep the table decoration simple so that it can be easily removed if necessary. Or, if you choose not to remove the decorations, ensure they’re low enough that people can see over them. A beautiful centerpiece on a neutral runner or a garland down the length of the table with holiday figurines or candles is perfect. If you have a buffet, decorate with living plants or Christmas figurines.


Your bathrooms are used throughout the day, but are often neglected when it comes to decorating. If you have a bathroom with a lot of counter space, place a small Christmas tree. Add some miniature snowmen or some deer figurines next to your tree. If space is tight, use some miniature poinsettias on your counter or windowsill. Change out all the towels with holiday colors of red or green.

How To Decorate Every Room In Your Home For The Holidays


Finally, decorations in the bedrooms can be an opportunity for your children to showcase their personalities. Give each child a small tree to decorate any way they want. They may go traditional, or they may start a collection of unique ornaments. Maybe the tree will be covered with items of their favorite sports team or a collection of dragons. It is up to them.

For the master bedroom, add some decorative holiday pillows or a throw. Greenery on the windows or draped on the headboard of the bed will look and smell fabulous. Of course, more seasonal living plants in the bedroom would be beautiful.

This year, more than any other, it is important to celebrate the season and emphasize goodwill and contentment. Make your home full of happiness and peace.