How to Detect and Fix a Leak in a Commercial Building

How to Detect and Fix a Leak in a Commercial Building

Leaks can damage the structure of a building and its surrounding. Worst comes to worst, it may cause your business operation to stop. There are instances when water damage due to leaks has cost businesses millions of dollars.

Minimize the damage by knowing signs of and solutions to commercial leaks.

Signs of Commercial Leaks

Leaks are sneaky little problems that, if left unsolved, can cause monstrous damage. It can ruin your equipment and appliances as well as vital company data. Hence, it’s important to detect even the smallest leak as soon as possible before it can cripple your business.

Leaks are not always visible to the naked eye. But they do cause problems that can alert you about the leak. Here are some of them:

  • Increasing water bills.  If the water bill has increased tremendously, even if the water consumption is usual, it pays to look at your plumbing.
  • Physical damage. Are there wet patches, stains, or discoloration on the wall or damp areas in the office or commercial building? Water leaks may be causing such damage.
  • Odd smell. Does your office or the carpets smell oddly? It may be due to mold and mildew. When an area is damp, fungus and other bacteria can grow over time and emit unpleasant odors.
  • Odd sounds. Sometimes, you will hear the leaks. A plumbing system under stress or strain may hiss or whoosh. These sounds are like alarm bells that prompt you to take action.
  • Polluted water. If leaks happen in the sewer system, your water may get polluted. It can compromise the health of everyone who consumes water from the building.

If you think there’s a leak in your commercial building, the best thing to do is call in commercial leak detection and repair experts.

Where to Look for Leaks

It could be challenging to detect leaks without the right equipment. But if you want to give it a try before calling in commercial leak detection and repair experts to start looking in these areas:

  • Roof
  • Faucet, shower, and tub, and other plumbing fixtures
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Commercial basement

If you’ve already had every nook and corner of the building checked but still cannot find the leak, call in the experts. Leaks can also be hidden. Professionals use innovative methods and equipment so they can find the leaks quickly.

What to Do Next? 

Even if the leak is small, it is vital to call in a commercial leak detection and repair expert to fix the problem immediately. Every single day you ignore leak repair, you’re wasting tons of water. And water lost is money lost. Furthermore, the small leak may turn into a bigger problem shortly.

If you think or see a leak, turn off the main water valve if possible. It is to cut off the water supply and minimize leaks.

If there’s a massive leak, make sure to unplug all electrical appliances in the area or turn the power off. Also, vacate the area and don’t let anyone enter the premises.

Prepare for the Leak

Since your plumbing pipes won’t give you notice when it’s about to burst, it helps to prepare.

You should create an action plan ahead of time. For example, identify the one in charge when a leak occurs and include a list of contact information of people who will deal with the problem. It will help save time.

Also, you should always make sure that all the important information is safe from water damage. You can save the data on the cloud for easy and safe access. You may also assign a temporary work location in case the leak causes massive damage, and the building needs to be temporarily closed for repair.

It is also important to always keep the contact information of plumbing companies such as Goode Plumbing with commercial leak detection and repair experts to save time searching for a plumber to fix the problem.