How To Install Your Own New Bathroom will give you some tips on how to install your own new bathroom.

In the preparatory work, first, you will have to clean the floor.

Cleaning the base
Once you remove the old toilet, carefully check its attachment. The overall cost and complexity of flooring work in the toilet depends on their safety.
Do not try to remove the old screed below. It is not necessary at all to lift the ground concrete slabs overlap. If the clutch is firmly held, it may be left.
After cleaning, dry the floors and cover them with a brush with a deep penetration primer (for concrete).

Align the surface
The floor in the dressing room must have a level 2-3 cm lower than the floors in the living areas. It is not necessary to flood the apartment if a hose that feeds water in the drain valve kicks or interrupts.

Before leveling the floors, calculate their thickness, consider the sound circumstance.

How to make screed:
You will need a metal bar for it. Cut 2 pieces equal to the length of the room walls.
The leading beacons are tuned by retreating from the walls to 15 centimeters.
Grid and rule will be small because the width of most standard toilets is 60-85 cm.
As a mortar under the screed we recommend using finely-granulated clay. By the way, he will further isolate the floor.
If the old fixation of the toilet, which had to be removed, new bolts forward welding plates with dimensions 5 x 5 or 7 x 7 cm.
Install the base bolts immediately, even before filling them with expanded clay.
Put the template on the fasteners to avoid spillage when pouring the mortar. First remove it (the template shows the spacing of the holes for fixing the plumbing) from the new toilet. Then copy on paper and place it on the cut. Then, through the paper, drill holes for the bolts.

First put a waterproofing material on the base. At the same time, place it on the walls at a height of about 10 cm.
Also, starting with the unevenness of the base, fill it with cement-sand screed. The minimum thickness should be 3 cm.
When rough coat dry, put the inlet floor finishing layer with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm. In this case, note that the polymer compound “leveling” only conditionally. It does not spread itself.

How to fill the tile floor with such a mix:
First, mix the main compound. To do this, use a low speed electric drill with a nozzle mixer in a 10 liter bucket. I warn you that pooling is much harder to prepare a mix of qualities.
Pour the solution into the middle of the toilet floor and level with a steel vessel.
Then rotate the mixture with a needle roller to push the air bubbles.
When the foundation dries in 24 hours, you can begin to place the tile. Or fill it with the final polymer composition (it may have different colors). It grows the same way.

Starting from the time of mixing the components, the polymeric filler mixture has a “life” of about 30 minutes, and then begins to adjust. Getting this done, work fast.

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