How To Make Cleaning The Home A Family Affair

How To Make Cleaning The Home A Family Affair

No matter how many members there are in your household, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t

all be involved in helping to keep the home clean, and here are some tips for making house

cleaning a true family affair:

Try To Have A Goal In Common:

You really need to have the entire family be on the same page when it comes to what clean really

means. Everyone may have a different definition, but until you can all agree on a certain

standard, you won’t be able to clean effectively.

Identify The Most Important Areas:

The whole house isn’t going to get cleaned in one go, no matter how many family members are

involved, so think about what areas are the most important in terms of keeping clean, and

designate cleaning them to each person.

Figure Out Who Wants To Clean What/Where:

Even if most of your family (or all!) don’t like cleaning, they’ll doubtless have certain tasks that

they prefer over others. Once you’ve identified these and allocated them to each person, it’ll be

easier to organize the home cleaning schedule.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

It’s really important to keep the channels of communication open if you’re all to work together

on keeping the home clean, and regular discussions about what’s working and what might not be,

can help to keep everybody on track.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Routine:

Cleaning schedules and routines don’t have to be set in stone; never be afraid to tweak your tasks

or swap responsibility around until you find something that works for everyone. Customize your

tasks and schedules, and always be willing to change it to help accommodate the needs and

desires of other family members.

Think About Timing:

Most of us are busy in our lives, and the average family is no different. Be understanding of

other family members social or work commitments and try to come up with a schedule that will

enable them to get their chores done without inconveniencing them too much, while appreciating

that a little inconvenience will always be necessary.

While you and your family may not exactly be jumping for joy when you clean the home, at

least everyone will be playing their part and contributing towards the health and happiness

of the entire household. Or is that wishful thinking?! Either way, a clean home is generally

a happier home, and if you’re still struggling to make cleaning your home a family affair,

you could always try hiring a professional cleaner. Unbiased, and not involved in any

family hierarchy or arguments, they’ll simply come in, clean up and leave!