Not everyone is fortunate enough to own a large house with a spacious living room. Most city dwellers live in tiny apartments that require a thoughtful decorating approach. But, space crunch should only inspire you to find innovative ways to combat the issue. You may take inspiration from Pinterest and home décor magazines to customize your living space. Continue reading this article to learn helpful tips that will make your living room look larger than it is.

The Décor: When you have a small living room, you cannot use dark colors and busy wallpapers as it will make the room look dingy and stuffy. On the other hand, painting the room in a lighter tone will give it an airy feel that will make the room more open and calm. Gray tones, light blue, sea green are excellent options for a living room. Keep the wall color and the curtains of the same color to have that uninterrupted view.

  • Do not clutter the room by putting in too much unnecessary furnishings. And if possible, select furniture with legs, as such furniture makes the room look big without blocking the floor. The placement of the couch is also crucial in terms of space management. Let the furniture spread out a bit so that everyone can sit comfortably.
  • You may also make use of mirrors to make the room appear larger. If you place mirrors on the opposite walls, it creates a sense of illusion that works well in smaller spaces. Some people might also like to install mirrors on the ceiling to increase the vertical length of the room.

Natural Sunlight: The golden rule is: Natural light is good for the home interior. Sunshine makes the room open and not dingy. Therefore, open up those big windows and let the light shine through. However, not every living room comes with large windows. If you do not have big windows in your living room, it is time to call the local builder and install new windows. While building a window, be sure to pay close attention to the design of the window. Select high-end window latches that go with your window frame. Having a fiberglass window in your living room will undoubtedly make the room look more open.

Artificial Light: Lighting is especially crucial for small spaces. Lighting can make or break a home décor. Therefore, at night, when you don’t have the luxury of natural sunlight, you must make good use of artificial lighting. These days there are so many options available in the market that will complement your home décor. Go for LED lights instead of the traditional fluorescent ones. While installing lights, highlight different areas instead of adding all the lights at the same height.

Smart Shelf: You may add several shelves on the walls and keep things on them. Keeping things lying here and there will make the room look messy and stuffy. Instead, put the books and the decorative items on the shelf for everyone to see. You don’t need to install a cabinet that will take floor space. Instead, you can constructively utilize the empty walls.