How to Remove Old Pet Stains From Your Rugs?

How to Remove Old Pet Stains From Your Rugs?

Having a dog can bring many joys, but urine stains on the rug can turn into any pet owner’s worst nightmare. Urine stains are common problems that one has to deal with when they have a pet, especially when housetraining a pup or kitten. If the mess is left unattended, it can seep into the rug, making it harder to deal with later. Listed below are a few simple tips from the experts in Oriental rug cleaning in Alpharetta. While these steps are applicable to common decorative rugs, any hand-made oriental, antique, and investment quality rugs should only be cleaned by a professional.

Blot With Water: The first thing you must do when you find an old urine stain on your rug is to remove as much of it right away. You could do so by spraying some cold water over the urine affected area and blotting it with an old rag or paper towels. Try to clean up as much of the mess you can and scrape away any remaining hardened mess using a blunt knife.

Try not to scrub furiously at the stain, as this will make the stain spread into more of your rug. Also, remember not to use hot water as it can cause the stains to set into your rug. Always use cold water straight from the faucet.

Sprinkle Baking Soda On the Affected Area: Avoid using powerful stain removers as it can damage the fibers on your rug. Instead, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the affected area. Let it sit there for a couple of hours. This will allow the baking soda to soak up the odor while also killing the germs and bacteria.

Vacuum: After a couple of hours, return to the stain and vacuum the area thoroughly — making sure you remove every speck of baking soda. There’s a good chance that the stain has already subsided at this point, but don’t worry if it hasn’t.

Douse the Rug With Vinegar: If the baking soda didn’t do the trick, try vinegar on the stain. Do not pour vinegar straight from the bottle onto the stain. Create a solution of one part of white vinegar with three to four parts of cold water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Next, spray the stain liberally with the concoction and let it sit for a half-hour. Use a clean cloth or paper towels and blot out the stain till it is dry. For stubborn stains, sprinkle some more baking soda and let it sit for 3-4 hours before you vacuum again. This time your rug will be restored to its former glory!

How to Remove Old Pet Stains From Your Rugs?

If the vinegar and baking soda combination does little to get rid of the stain, there are a few more options you can try. You could use hydrogen peroxide instead of vinegar. Vodka can also help deep clean and move things along if you are dealing with a really stubborn old stain.

If none of the above tips work, you may need to hire experts to perform area rug cleaning in Alpharetta. Professional rug cleaning services have heavy-duty cleaners and steam mops that can get rid of tough and nasty stains. Contact S&S Rug Cleaners Inc. for an obligation-free quote on rug cleaning.