How to Repair and Parge Exterior Home Stucco When it Cracks.

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If you’ve noticed cracks in your stucco, it’s time to repair your exterior stucco siding. Any siding placed on a home has more than just a visual role. Stucco, brick and siding is put on a home to protect it from the elements. So, if you start to notice cracks in the siding, it’s best you make the repairs right away.

Stucco is one of the strongest materials applied to a home, but over time, it will start to show the signs of age. The good news is that repairing cracks in stucco is a fairly easy fix.

Common Causes of Cracks in Stucco

Before you repair your exterior stucco siding, it’s always good to learn why stucco cracks in the first place. One common cause is the house settling. When the house starts to shift on the ground underneath the foundation, the strain can cause cracking the stucco. Extreme weather can also cause cracks. Hot weather and cold weather can both cause stucco to expand and contract. This can cause some cracks.

None of this is cause for panic, but if you do not address cracks when they occur, it could cause you bigger concern down the road.

How to Repair Exterior Stucco Siding

Stucco is a very durable product and is also fairly easy to fix. Due to its durability, it is a common choice for a home’s exterior.

Clean The Stucco – It’s important you wash away dirt, debris and dust from the area. Power-washing usually works but you may need to use a scraper on any stubborn spots.

Fill In The Cracks – Use an exterior caulking filler to fill in the cracks. Stucco patching can also be used to fill in larger areas. You will want to try and match the pattern of your current stucco. You will remove excess filler as you go. Let it dry then wash away any remaining dust or dirt.

Paint – Once you have filled in the stucco cracks and matched up the pattern, it’s time to paint. You will need to find a match to the current stucco colour. If the home is older and the stucco has faded, you may need to repaint the entire home as matching a worn and dull colour can be difficult.

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Repairing the Parging on the Exterior of Your Home

Parging is the coating applied to the above grade, visible part of your foundation that is not covered by siding, stucco or brick. A parge coat is a good barrier against the elements.

If you notice cracks in your parging, it is easy to fix. If you notice cracks, it is wise to seal them quickly to avoid interior water damage. You can repair parging with a quick-setting cement. You will apply a thin coat of the cement to the cracks. If there are severe cracks in the parging, it should be removed with a new coat applied. It is best to get a professional opinion before doing this.

Whenever you are dealing with cracks in your exterior siding, parging, brick or stucco it is often very beneficial to get a professional opinion. After all, the covering around your home is there for a reason. It’s more than just to make your home look pretty. Your siding protects your home from damage caused by weather including wind, rain in snow. All of which is very common in the area.

Spring is usually an excellent time to do a perimeter walk around your house to check for damage to your home’s exterior. Why do we recommend spring? Well, first because as soon as the snow melts, you’ll be wanting to get outside. But also because the weather in spring is a great time to do any exterior painting. Since repairing cracks in stucco will require some paint, it’s a great time of year for this house maintenance chore.

Want to know the easiest way to repair exterior siding?

Call the professionals to repair exterior siding damage on your home. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get the job done. At Home Painters Toronto, we have an entire crew dedicated to home repairs with a lot of experience in diagnosing and repairing exterior cracks. Give us a call. We’d love to provide you with a quote.