Lifts – A Short Guide on Servicing Your Elevators!

Lifts – A Short Guide on Servicing Your Elevators!

Lifts have made our lives easier. With buildings that are growing taller with time, elevators are a must. Even though when you think about a lift, the conventional lift is what we think about but there are a number of kinds out there that offer different services. To elaborate a bit, we have dumbwaiters, service lifts, and regular elevators. Here is a short summary of what each lift is used for:

3 Common Types of Lifts

➔    Service Lifts

This is a lift that is generally installed to transport goods through floors. Generally found in warehouses or buildings and hospitals.

➔    Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters are a genius invention for kitchens. The main benefits of it include quick delivery of food from one floor to another before it gets cold. Restaurants or homes that have their kitchen on one floor and dining area on another is where it’s mainly used.

➔    Regular Elevators

This is the common kind that pops up in your head when a lift is mentioned. It’s used in commercial buildings or flats for people to move through floors without the hassle of stairs.

How Often a Residential Lift Should be Serviced?

Since human lives are at stake here, one must be extra careful when it comes to dealing with lifts in residential areas. An average elevator must be regularly serviced at least twice a year. Bumping up this number to three will make it much safer if we’re not talking about the bare minimum here.

Another piece of advice to follow is to have a meeting with a lift servicing company. After they inspect the usage and condition of the lift, ask them for a recommendation for the service frequency.

3 Things to-do Before Choosing a Lift Servicing Company

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Lifts are technical. You don’t want to be hiring a team just because your cousin’s son got into the business! You’re paying either way, better spend on a team that’s experienced and has the skills to keep your lift in its best condition. No matter which kind of lift you’re using, a good and experienced team should be the one to service it.

Repute — Do Your Research

Don’t just fall for the ‘How many years in the business’ illusion while selecting the Lift service team for your lifts. At times, businesses that have been operating for years go down the rabbit hole for many reasons. They may not be offering the same service they were famous for years ago. Hence, look through the business’s page and ask around before you invest in one.

Availability and Efficiency

If you have a running business, a servicing company that’s available at all times and efficient is your best call. You don’t want your lift dysfunctioning and a lift servicing team that’s too busy to fix it asap! Set up meetings with a number of service companies before you decide on one. In this meetings, be clear about matters like availability and costs. This is a great way to judge their dedication too!