Light Your Way


Who doesn’t enjoy entertaining and having friends over for a garden soiree? Outdoor lighting is a key important feature of any garden and outdoor entertaining space. A well lit garden creates ambience when you’re entertaining outdoors. Here are our tips for outdoor lighting ideas for your next outdoor occasion.

Tip One: String Lights

With warmer nights approaching it’s time to get your lights up! String lights can be hung above the deck, patio, marquees and other outdoor areas. Pump up the party vibe around your garden and decorate the trees and shrubs with lights. When buying string lights think about which colour and tone you would like. Popular choices are exterior-grade lights that twinkle, or warm white light globes for a classic look.  String lights are one of our favourite types because they are easy to use and instantly create a fun atmosphere. They are also quick and painless to remove once the party is over.

Tip Two: Path Lighting

Pathing lighting is a must if you plan on entertaining in the evenings. Your eyes can play tricks on you so it is crucial to have consistent lighting along the paths. By adding in path lighting you will have the reassurance that your guests will arrive and depart your soiree safely. Make sure your friends and family can see well enough to find the food and drinks set up for them. Place these lights next to your outside paths to cast light towards the path. A great lighting option for your paths are press-in stake lights. Purchase the solar-powered option so you can charge them during the day and watch them glow throughout the night. Remember to also use them in areas where the ground is uneven or with step changes to ensure none of your guests trip.

Tip Three: Statement Light Fixtures

Accent lighting fixtures give your outdoor living space personality and also can elevate the style of your party party. Accent light fixtures are meant to be appreciated for the charm they bring to your outdoor space. There is a wide range of accent lighting fixtures available to choose from and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Look for the fixtures that you think work best with your garden and personal taste. You will want to buy quality pieces you will have to enjoy over time.

Tip Four: Dance Floor Zone

Using your string lights, create a dancefloor zone so it is easy for your family and friends to find the D-floor all night long. Create a canopy of crisscrossed lights above using the string lights. We would recommend sticking to warm-white party lights to create the ultimate dance zone.

Tip Five: Good Looking Mosquito Repellant 

Create a fun party vibe and get rid of those nasty mosquitoes all at once. Press bamboo torches into the lawn around each section of your party area. Fill the torches with citronella oil and light the cotton wicks before the sun goes down to help keep the mosquitos away. Add extra protection by lighting mosquito coils and place them on the floor away from where your guests will trip over them.

Tip Six: DIY Lighting Solutions

For more lighting ideas that are inexpensive and fuss free, clean your recycled clean glass jars in a range of different sizes and place white pillar candles inside each jar. If you want to elevate the look of them tie ribbon around each jar. Another fun DIY idea is to light up your path by placing flameless candles inside white paper bags and watch them come to life at nightfall.