Mrsa Mall New Capital: Designed for Perfection

Mersa Mall New Capital: Designed for Perfection

One of the newest projects designed uniquely is the Mrsa Mall New Capital. It is situated in the heart of the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. The infrastructure of this mall speaks for itself. The overall crafting is done to attract every visitor.

Moreover, Mersa Mall New Capital is placed in a particular area of Downtown. This is the intersection point of several important locations. Therefore, people traveling in this region will certainly visit this mall. We will talk about the various advantages of buying a unit in this project in the following sections.

Overall Location and Structure

The Mersa Mall New Capital is located in the Downtown MU19 area. It is one of the busiest districts of the New Administrative region. It covers a 70 m wide street. Also, you can visit almost every important landmark from this place.

The closest locations are the Al Masa Hotel and Souk Al Dahab, which are just 5 minutes away. Then comes the government district which can be reached in 10 minutes from this mall. Also, the Green River only takes 5 minutes to reach.

The per square meter are of main commercial units starts at 14 and can reach up to 60. The price of each unit is divided according to the size and benefits.

Advantages of Purchasing this Property

The features of the Mersa Mall New Capital are almost unbelievable. It has exotic ceramic floors and clamshell decoration on the walls. They look stunning from every angle. Apart from all this, the mall provides many facilities. Some of these are:

  • Large food court areas with the availability of international cafes and restaurants.
  • World-class wellness centers with spa and health treatments.
  • A distinctive private garage.
  • Beautiful flora and fauna outside the mall providing a breathtaking view.
  • The use of renewable solar energy to power the entire system.
  • All year protection via the surveillance cameras and guards.
  • Slalam electric Escalators are installed for seamless movement between the floors.
  • Theaters displaying live concerts and performances.
  • Separate gaming area for children.

Price Division

The price of any package in Mersa Mall New Capital mostly depends upon the floor. The ground floor owns the highest price of 148,000 EGP. While the rest of the floors start from 42,000 EGP. These are per meter square prices. Moreover, the company provides a discount of 20% for the first 60 reservations. You can book a store at an initial price of 815,000 EGP.

The tenure for any floor can be divided into three groups. The first one offers a 7 years plan with a 10% downpayment. The second and third offers an installment plan of 8 and 9 years with 15% and 20% downpayment respectively.

How to Proceed with Mrsa Mall New Capital?

This entire project is a golden opportunity for all investors. The place lies in the middle of the capital. Thus, many customers will visit this mall. Moreover, Mrsa Mall New Capital provides several modern features. That is why one can freely go with this project.