Six Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Mattress can take a lot out of your pocket, with prices varying from brand to another. Wouldn’t it be annoying to have to replace your mattress after one or two years with the thought of the costly price tags? A mattress is as good as its level of comfort and durability.

So then, how do you make your mattress last longer? This article will give you a look at six easy ways you can start doing to your bed to increase its longevity.

Clean your beddings regularly

Cleaning your beddings may seem like only a matter of personal hygiene, but it also plays a role in making your mattress longer. Mattresses can harbor a lot of dirt, most of which is contributed by the beddings that soak in the sweat, saliva, skin cells, among other things.

If you let your beddings sit for too long, you are allowing them to transfer to your mattress, and this will be a lot harder to clean. Typically, the frequency of washing beddings differs, but at least once every two weeks should do you more justice. If you have allergies, you may need to increase the frequency so you can get rid of most of the dust mites that are responsible for the allergic reactions.

Use a mattress protector

Mattresses may be made to withstand the test of time, but spills, water, sweat, and dirt can contribute in deteriorating their longevity. A mattress protector adds an extra layer of protection to the mattress bed, watching that the surface remains protected.

Hardly can you always avoid liquids spills, and worse, they can produce mold, degrade foams, among other ills. Since body fluids like sweat, urine, night drools, among others, are also in a liquid state, you must be intentional with the mattress protector you buy. Opt for a water-resistant mattress protectant for those days you feel like enjoying breakfast in bed.

Rotate your mattress bed

The initial months of using your mattress matter most if you are looking for durability. All mattresses have an amount of giving that allows your body to lay in comfortably. With time, the mid-section of the mattress tends to give a lot more, which could quickly turn into sagging. You can see here that the firmness of a mattress can result in different rates of sagging.

Depending on our sleeping position, your bed will realize some sagging that does not bounce back, and this unevenness will pick up the pace over the years and can be uncomfortable with time. Every couple of months say two or three, rotate your bed, bottom vs. top, which will promote even wear.

Provide adequate support for your mattress

So much as the rotating helps in evening out the wear to your mattress bed, a mattress requires sufficient support for it to last long enough.

If you can, buy a box spring or foundation that will offer adequate support, by providing equal attention to your mattress bed. An alternative is to find a solid platform that can serve the same purpose. Remember that the warranties of some mattress brands cannot apply if you are not supporting the bed as they require, which means you need to check with the manufacturers to know which route is best for your bed.

Avoid constant jumping on the bed

Sure a little fun doesn’t harm, but if you constantly expose your bed to the intense pressure of jumping up and down on it, you will be sabotaging its lifespan. Ideally, a mattress is not made for the support of the weight of more than three parties, especially those bouncing on it.

The pressure you exert on your bed during the jumps is more than usual, not to mention uneven in some places more than others. You can even ruin your bed frame or box spring underneath the mattress.

Avoid eating in bed

Finally, the golden rule: avoid eating in bed. Much as breakfast in bed sounds amusing, the food crumbs and particles will be the leading cause of a bad mattress. Once the crumps get through the covering fabric, they will be pretty uncomfortable to put up with, not to mention, can lead to growing mold and mildews, and worse, attract pests and more dirt.

If the bedroom is your ideal place to serve food have additional furniture in the room where you can eat while sited to minimize spillage.

The sooner you begin to incorporate these tips, the better you can rest assured that your mattress will give you due service to the last days of its lifespan. Be kind to your mattress bed, and it will be more helpful to you.