Smart Tips for Constructing a Pool in Your Small Backyard

Smart Tips for Constructing a Pool in Your Small Backyard

A private pool in your backyard is a curb appeal enhancing and functionally versatile investment. It presents you the opportunity to chill out and loosen up on those hot summer afternoons and entertain your friends and house guests.

There’s no doubt that the private pools require a sizable amount of space. And, with the plot sizes becoming smaller, many wonders, “Is It Possible to Construct a Private Pool Into My Limited Yard Space? “

The quick answer is “Yes,” and to help you out in this article, we’ll be putting forth expert tips for building a space-saving pool.

Hire a Professional

First things first, you must rope in a qualified pool designer. Designing a pool in a constricted space is way more challenging than building up a commercial swimming pool — because here, every centimeter counts.

A successful small pool project begins with a fool-proof blueprint. Therefore, do your research to zero down on a specialist pool designer who has a proven track record of building space-saving pools; doing so, you’ll ease off a big burden off your shoulders.

Fibreglass or Concrete

Typically, there are two universal types of swimming pools. The first one is the Prefabricated option — Off Shelf fiberglass products — and, second is the concrete pool. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons.

The fiberglass options are way cheaper & quicker to install. However, fiberglass options have little freedom in terms of design, and many surrounding features such as retaining walls become complex. Besides, you have to arrange for the transportation of the heavy fiberglass items within the site using a crane.

The concrete options offer a great deal of freedom in terms of shape & size and well-fitted to many complex sites, close-to-boundary builds, and all the surrounding structural features to aesthetically enhance your pool’s overall look.

Your budget, aesthetic expectations, and limitations may help you narrow down on one option. Notwithstanding, we suggest to go with the freedom of design and limitless structural possibilities you get with a concrete pool.

Consider the Proportions

You must be aware and sympathetic to proportion. The pool must fit the space and has a sense of belonging, but don’t let it dominate the entire area. On the contrary, your pool must be big enough to get lost within a large space. Your professional designers will guide you best regarding size proportions.


Deciding on the position is a pivotal factor. Ideally, it should be close to the boundary, and the central portion has to be open & clear to enjoy summer afternoons with your kids.

Be careful; there are specific engineering considerations when digging near the boundary area. Thus, protection measures are necessary to safeguard the assets of your neighbors.

As a rule of thumb, the pool must be 1000mm off the boundary to avoid any legal trouble.

Never Over-Design

As saving space is our motto, keep things relatively simple. But, at the same time, you can still add tasteful elements to your pool that illustrate your rich personality. These include a glamourous facade backdrop, a small & subtle spout, or an acrylic window that could be a stylish addition if it suits your overall pool design.

The possibilities are endless; you must hire the right professional to better help you with what surrounding elements you can add within a limited space.

Final Piece of Advice

As you want to enjoy all the fun that a private pool brings but don’t wish to ruin your Sundays vacuuming and maintaining the pool, then pool enclosure is a value-for-money, long-term investment. It not only prevents dust, debris, and unwanted outside elements from getting into the pool water but also protects your kid or pet from accidentally falling into the pool when you are not around. Further, enclosed pools require fewer chemical treatments.

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to constructing a pool enclosure, then auto pool covers could be viable option worth considering.