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South East Scanning

Brisbane’s preferred Concrete Scanning company

South East Scanning is a family-owned business that offers expert concrete scanning services throughout Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We utilize sophisticated concrete scanning equipment to produce fast and efficient results every time. Our commitment to delivering timely reporting whilst approaching each scanning job with the utmost diligence and attention to detail has seen us establish a name for ourselves as well as some long term and trusted business relationships.

South East Scanning prides itself on offering the highest quality service in the Brisbane region. Some of our concrete scanning services include:

  • Establishing whether there are objects such as rebar and post-tension cables within the concrete and their exact location if any.
  • Testing slabs for inspection purposes.
  • Detecting voids in slabs, subgrade, ceilings, and walls.
  • Pre-cutting scanning – to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Determining the location of embedded power cables.
  • Identifying pipe works and services.
  • Scanning before core penetrating.
  • Slab mapping and depth sizing.
  • Find structural components.
  • Pinpointing the cover centres and depths of rebar.

Why locals choose South East Scanning for all their concrete scanning needs in Brisbane:

Trustworthy and reliable team

We provide an upfront and honest line of communication throughout the entire process.

Innovative technology

The very best concrete scanning equipment is used. It is safe and non-destructive.

Our team consists of experts and specialists in the field

All our tradespeople are industry professionals that have a breadth of knowledge and experience behind them. They know how to precisely scan concrete to give our clients the most comprehensive and accurate reporting.

Same day reports

No one wants to be waiting around for their reports, that is why we aim to offer same-day reporting allowing you to proceed with the job promptly and with confidence.

Fully Insured

You can have peace of mind knowing South East Scanning is fully insured up to $20,000,000.

The equipment we use for concrete scanning in Brisbane

South East Scanning utilise the most innovative and advanced technology to conduct our concrete scanning services. Unlike traditional methods of concrete scanning via x-ray, we use ground-penetrating radars (GPR). This is more efficient and allows us to scan the surface without the need for two access points.

Why choose GPR over x-ray for your concrete scanning in Brisbane?

There are many benefits to choosing GPR over X-ray to scan concrete. Below are a few reasons why GPR is a superior method:

  • Specialised PPE is required to use X-ray which requires a lot of extra precautionary measures to be implemented. GPR on the other hand doesn’t and is completely safe to workers and those near the job. This can save a significant amount of time.
  • X-ray only has the ability to produce a single image at a time which can make the process drawn out and more tedious than it has to be.
  • Only one access point is required to scan the concrete.

Benefits of concrete scanning in Brisbane

Pre-scanning concrete before you cut, core, drill or demolish it is a crucial step that should never be forgone. Failing to do so and proceeding without a full understanding of what is embedded in the slab can have disastrous consequences.

Ensure everyone is safe

By completing concrete scanning before undertaking any work, all workers know where underlying hazards are located, allowing them to proceed safely.

Breaking Reinforced Concrete With Jackhammer in 2021 | Concrete removal,  Reinforced concrete, Foundation repair

Determine the structural capabilities of the slab

It can provide a clear indication of the structural capabilities of the slab and whether it needs to be reinforced or not.

Protect your equipment from avoidable damage

Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape is crucial to keeping the job on track and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. Concrete scanning can help to prevent equipment damage from hitting embedded objects.

Save you money

As they say, time is money and having to stop work due to an injury or damaged equipment can blow out the budget, fast.

Instances where concrete scanning would be used in Brisbane

Concrete scanning can be used for both residential and commercial projects across a wide variety of applications. Often it is done when renovations are set to be undertaken or when elements need to be added or removed from the site. By taking all the necessary steps to investigate faults and objects within the concrete, you can ensure that you are complying with safety and building standards.

Cost-effective concrete scanning for Brisbane businesses

Sticking to budget when undertaking any type of construction is paramount. With our comprehensive concrete scanning services, you can avoid unexpected and costly delays and ensure the safety of your workers. South East Scanning can work with you to find a concrete scanning solution that suits your schedule and budget.

Using the highest tech concrete scanning radars, we can produce fast results with the exact coordinates enabling you to get on with the job.

We approach all work with enthusiasm and a wealth of concrete scanning knowledge. Our team will happily answer any questions you have and can help with any other underground locating requirements if need be.

Don’t settle for second best, contact the pros here at South East Scanning!

Brisbane Concrete Scanning must be done correctly, and there’s no room for error. Don’t settle for second best, and contact our professional team here at South East Scanning for all your concrete scanning needs in Brisbane. We provide follow up advice on the best course of action, potential future risks and preventative measures.