The Best Solution To Repair Damaged Pipes

The Best Solution To Repair Damaged Pipes

Water is one of the basic necessities for every property. So, it will obviously become a nightmare for every homeowner to experience any plumbing issues. Although this problem can occur to anyone, not everyone can overcome the challenges safe and sound. In this case, calling a professional in pipe relining Sydney is recommended, but if you want to find out some alternatives too, we will unpack the effective ways that you can follow to make sure that your damaged pipes are fixed and your buildings remain intact.

Using A Repair Tape

If you encounter a small crack on your pipe and you want to quickly fix it on your own, you can simply use a pipe repair tape to cover the leak and delay the damage from expanding. There are various types of tapes that you can find in stores that you can wrap around the leaking pipes, for instance, fiberglass resin tape, rubber tape, and silicone tape. It can be helpful and easily meet your budget. However, it can only solve the issues temporarily because once its compression gets loose, the water can burst out from the damaged area and even cause another unwanted trouble.

Broken and Damaged Pipes - Leaks Can Cause Water Damage

Replace Your Damaged Pipes

Getting rid of your old and cracked pipes and changing them with the new ones is the classic way to solve a plumbing issue. There is no doubt how practical this method is, especially for extensive pipe damage. In cases of severe deterioration, corrosion, extensive tree root damage, and severe leaks, replacing your pipes is critical to avoid causing another problem. However, getting a pipe replacement often ends up ruining your property, because plumbers may have to dig up the lawn of your property in order to remove the damaged piping from the ground. In terms of budget, the price may vary depending on the large scope of sewer line that needs to be replaced. If the piping is installed underground or hidden, the process can become very noisy, messy, destructive, and costly.

Pipe Relining Solutions

This method is the most convenient and appealing option of all. In comparison to other solutions, it allows the homeowners to get a new pipe by injecting an epoxy resin-filled lining into the existing pipes. This lining will solidify and become a new pipe inside the damaged one. The hard inner layer strengthens the sewer pipe’s structural integrity, so that it becomes more resistant to tree root intrusion, the most common cause of blocked drains, and removes any bumpy areas that can snag passing food leftovers, debris, hair, toilet paper, and other stringy items, resulting in a never-ending drain clog. The whole relining process can be conducted for a few hours without having to disrupt the landscape or yawn of your property. This inner layer can last until about 50 years or longer. Therefore, in terms of budget-wise and time-wise, this will help you save more money and time than other methods.

We have briefly explained the best solutions to solve damaged pipes. Should you have any doubts about which solution is the most effective for you, do not hesitate to reach a reliable plumber to inspect the situation and recommend you the most suitable repair.