The Future Of Cleaning Is Now Here: Robotic Vacuums

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The basic task of keeping a home clean while raising children and keeping pets in the home is extremely difficult. Home automation technology is the solution to this problem, with robotic vacuums cleaning your home while you are out of the house or simply too tired to clean. 164 million pets live in American households, with common dog breeds such as Labradors shedding large amounts of hair and accumulating allergens in the households. Dogs possess an average of 60,000 hairs per square inch and cats have over double that amount. Children also aid in dirtying the household by creating small messes that can pile up over extended periods of time, accumulating an even larger workload for the homeowner. Most homeowners don’t have a cleaning schedule that they follow, and the use of robotic vacuums can allow for schedules to easily be implemented with the use of an iOS or Android app. The vacuums can be programmed to clean on a schedule tailored to the homeowner’s liking and can be activated to clean whenever needed. Robotic vacuums can be programmed to clean certain sections of the home before others, for example prioritizing the kitchen and cleaning the garage later. Another example would be activating the robot after walking your pets outside, quickly cleaning the dirt and grime they bring into the house from the outdoors. Robotic vacuums were invented with pets in mind, and they are excellent at playing the role of a pet vacuum in your home, or they can be simply used to supplement an already existing cleaning schedule or used to make one from scratch and be the primary cleaning device in your home. They are extremely versatile and powerful, rivaling if not even besting traditional vacuums in sheer cleaning power. Robotic vacuum can promptly vacuum pet hair and other debris with relative ease and are stark candidates for replacing traditional cleaning devices as technology continues to evolve.

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Neato Robotics is home to the industry’s best robotic vacuum. As stated above, it can be tailored as a vacuum for pet hair or can be your home’s main vacuuming device. It comes equipped with lidar technology that emits lasers and illuminates obstacles in your home, disallowing the robot to become stuck on debris such as furniture or walls. The laser technology allows Neato’s product to map your home’s floorplan and designate “no-go” lines where the robot is not permitted to enter, bolstering an already large list of competitive advantages. Neato’s products have a “D” shape which aids the vacuum in cleaning tight corners and other areas where circular shaped competitor robots cannot enter. Neato’s vacuum is extremely powerful and can run on maximum settings for extended periods of time, thoroughly removing pet hair and other pollutants from your home with relative ease. Adopters of new home automation technology such as robotic vacuums should only start their experience with the best and start with Neato Robotics.