The Top Six Advantages Of External Painting

The Top Six Advantages Of External Painting

In most cases whenever people think of redecorating jobs, they will typically think of interior renovations like a new kitchen or bathroom, and the outside of the house continues to be an forgotten and underappreciated area for improvement. When performed by a specialist, exterior painting can produce a massive impact on the value, appearance and functionality of your house. Continue reading for more information about the rewards exterior painting could deliver to your home.

1 – Pest Damage Prevention

A new covering of Painters Surrey can help a lot in reducing invasions from insects like termites. Once the paint hardens it provides a fully sealed coating which acts like a cover against pests. Insects burrowing into your home’s exterior siding is therefore prevented by the hard exterior shell.

The protective layer that paint produces also has a crucial role in ensuring the wood on your home keeps healthy. Cracks are closed with paint, stopping seeping water which is a primary cause of decay within the wood. Termites love moist and soft woods; hence protection against wood decay massively helps with avoiding the invasion of such creatures.

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2 – It can help boost your house’s price

You should consider exterior painting if you are wanting to improve the value of your house. Due to the large costs, many big upgrades to your house, like a new bathroom or kitchen, do not provide a complete return on your investment. Having an average return of 141 Percent, exterior painting breaks this standard and allows you to bring in more money when selling your house. Unlike many other home improvement projects which give returns lower than 100%, exterior painting will pay for itself if you decide to sell.

3 – Improvement in Curb Appeal

Curb appeal depends upon how good your property looks when it is seen from the outside. Since many people spend almost all their time inside their homes, the outside is often overlooked. If you’re trying to sell your house, this is a blunder you ought to steer clear of.

The exterior of the property is the first thing that any would-be buyer will see. This can be either a positive or a negative, depending on how your home appears. Irrespective of how wonderful the interior is, an unpleasant exterior will leave most possible buyers with a poor first impression which can be challenging to get over. Alternatively, a beautiful and well-maintained exterior sets a good tone and greatly increases your chance of selling for a high value. Hence, if you would like your house to sell, you ought to consider external painting to increase its curb appeal.

4 – Weather Protection

The weather usually takes its toll on your house. Your home may take a significant pounding from the unpredictable and ever-shifting British climate, with each time of year introducing its unique problems. In order to prevent your property from taking a lot of weather damage, you should consider finding a specialist to paint the outside of your house. Paint functions like a shield against the elements and is specifically designed to combat the harmful outcomes of extreme weather conditions. It can also help to stop mould and mildew from appearing, as well as stopping damp and moisture from getting in. Functional benefits aside, your house will appear fresher and better for longer when a layer of external paint is professionally applied.

5 – Cost-effective Home Improvement

If you are seeking speedy, inexpensive renovations, you should check out exterior painting. You can achieve considerable, long-term upgrades to your home’s function, overall appeal and price without emptying your wallet – the standard UK exterior painting project costs just £800! This makes exterior painting an ideal option for a fast and affordable enhancement to your home.

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6 – A much more attractive home

Just about the most evident advantage of external painting is it will make your house appear more attractive. You get full control over the colours and style, which means you can modify the exterior painting to fit your style. Stunning external paintwork can really breathe new life into your house and make it a space to be pleased with. Ultimately, an external paint job will help you fall in love with your house once again.


Painting the outside of your house is an excellent choice for homeowners, as there are not a lot of home improvements that provide the same benefits at such a low cost. If you’re not already contemplating painting the exterior of your home, today is the time to begin. The wide-ranging advantages are sure to offer you a unique answer to a number of your home’s issues. Using the services of an experienced Painters Surrey is crucial if you choose to paint your home. Additionally, try and pick one with a good status in your town if you can. While it may seem like a straightforward task, there’s a great deal to know in relation to painting and it can be very easy to make expensive blunders.