Tips for Modern Home Decorating with a Traditional Touch

Tips for Modern Home Decorating with a Traditional Touch

The rapid development of modern life has influenced various aspects of society. One of them is the trend of home design at Bali Homeware which follows current trends.

Modern home design is a design style that is simple, clean, functional, and stylish. This is undoubtedly a contemporary style because it always follows the development of a flexible era. This flexibility is undoubtedly following the modern lifestyle, which is overgrowing. You can get all the superior products at Bali Home D├ęcor Wholesale, where you will see many examples of good products and can make options for your dream home design.

Traditional Elements in Home Decoration in Bali

Harmonization with Nature

One of the main characteristics of house architecture on the island of Bali is harmony with the natural surroundings. The concept of harmonization with nature is Balinese architecture’s primary character.

This harmony is strengthened through natural stone materials, wood carvings, and bamboo. This raw material is expected to create a balance between humans and the environment, between humans, and human closeness to the Creator.

Therefore, the principle of harmony with nature can be your guide in choosing the type, shape, and color of furniture used in the house. You can select wood, bamboo, and straw as the main furniture to accentuate the natural impression of a typical Balinese home.

Home Terrace Design is Crucial.

One crucial element in a house with Balinese decoration is the design of the terrace. To make a Balinese-style house, you don’t have to buy expensive carvings for home decorations. You can apply some more simple Balinese elements.

One of the characteristics of typical Balinese residential design is the natural material elements that look harmonious combined with the presence of several tropical plants. You can make the house’s facade with exposed bricks combined with wooden pillars on the house’s terrace. Remember, decorate the garden in front of the house with several ornamental plants typical of the tropics.

Expand Wood Furniture as Interior Design

Balinese people who uphold the harmonization of nature with everyday life are certainly reflected in the house. Therefore, wood-based furniture will dominate the decoration in the room.


You can create a Balinese feel from residential interior design. Expand the traditional nuanced decorations made of wood. To make the room look more stunning, add a chandelier decorated with a patterned frame as a final touch.

Then, make a large opening, so the room doesn’t feel dark. An interior design like this makes you feel like you are on holiday in Bali, and your home feels warm.

Tropical Plant Decoration

Decorations from various tropical plants also support the concept of Balinese architecture that blends harmoniously with nature. You need to know multiple tropical plants are synonymous with the nuances of a typical Balinese house. You must maintain these various plants to strengthen the impression of a Balinese-style dwelling.

Some plants that can be your choice for decorating a house with Balinese architecture include frangipani trees, bananas, pandas, and lotuses. Take care of these plants with respect so they thrive and keep your current Balinese home page neat.