Tips To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

The current trend in modern homebuilding is creating smaller, more purposeful rooms. While this does make a home more useful, it can also make it feel a lot more cramped and uncomfortable, especially for families. Before adding an extension or moving to a larger home, try some of these tips first and see if you can’t make your small room look bigger.

From decorating and furniture selection, to choosing the right paint colours and more, there are many innovative ways to make a small room look bigger. Let’s take a look at some of them now:

Tips To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Choose The Right Paint Colours- from very light colours which can make a room appear larger, to very dark colours which can give a room depth, creating contrast and the illusion of more space can give your small room a new, much larger look!

Utilise Multi-Functional Furniture- multifunctional furniture that can transform into something else or that features hidden storage will instantly create more usable space in your home.

Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains- if you want to make your room appear taller, hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains will do the trick. It will also add a dramatic touch to your home that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Be Selective When Decorating- by using only a few large decorative accents instead of a lot of smaller ones, you can reduce the clutter and give your room some much needed space. You can also choose to display large-scale art to achieve the same effect.

Decrease The Amount Of Lamps- strategically placing fewer lamps throughout your room, will enable you use less space and to create a more natural, even flow of light.

Utilise Mirrors And Mirrored Furniture- one of the hottest trends in modern home furnishings is mirrored furniture. From mirrored side tables, to mirrored coffee tables, accent tables and more, mirrors can give your small room the appearance of being much larger.

Purchase One Large Statement Piece Of Furniture- while this might seem counterproductive to our goal, purchasing one large statement piece of furniture rather than several smaller pieces will give you the seating you need while creating more usable space.

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