Top Tips For Adding Value To Your Property

Top Tips For Adding Value To Your Property

The process of selling a property is big, and can often be lengthy. Naturally, any homeowner looking to sell their property wants to ensure it is appealing as possible. In doing so, they are likely to make the best return on their investment.

If you have never sold a property before, understanding what prospective buyers are attracted to can be challenging. Today, we are going to offer you some top tips for adding value to your property based on research. By following these tips, you will be able to maximise your property’s value and enhance your chances of making that all important sale. Continue below where we elaborate.

Adding Value To Your Home: Our Top Tips

People are often mistaken when it comes to property and saleability. It is often thought that big gestures and renovation projects are required to add value to a property. Whilst this is, of course, the case, small fixes do go a long way. Simple things that present your property in the best light will help you tremendously, and it often requires little effort or time. In the following list we have compiled some actionable guidance: providing a mix of small, inexpensive fixes as well as larger fixes that will add tonnes of monetary value to your property.

  • Redecorate

The first tip is a simple one, and something that can be done for not a lot of money. If the idea is to present a gleaming property that entices prospective buyers, you are unlikely to achieve this with tired looking walls and cracks/ holes throughout. By ensuring the property’s paintwork is up to date, and any cracks are filled, you will add value to your property. Not only this, but it will certainly help your chances of making a sale.

It is said that neutral colours that lighten the property are best used, in comparison to dark and expressive colours which may appeal to a smaller audience. Although painting can be completed by most people with relative ease, it is always best, and quicker, to enlist the help of a professional.

  • Address Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point of a lot of properties, and prospective buyers are going to be impressed by a spacious, well thought out and striking kitchen. Little fixes will go a long way in the kitchen, so do not be disheartened and think a lot of money is required. Painting units, replacing doors and handles and ensuring your kitchen is thoroughly clean will go a long way.

If you do have the money however, modernising your kitchen will likely add a lot of value to your property. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and for many families it is a communal space used similarly to a living room. Ensuring your kitchen is adequately lit, and has good access to sunlight will also be attractive to buyers. If you have a renovation budget that can be extended, rooflights are a fantastic way to introduce natural light and increase saleability. The team at Lonsdale Metal have years of experience, and offer installations at market leading prices. Their Rooflight page will reveal more.

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Address Your Garden

There is a lot of potential in your garden, so ensure that you do not neglect it if you are looking to sell your property. Particularly in the summer months, homeowners will spend a lot of time relaxing and entertaining in the garden. A well maintained garden, therefore, will be attractive to prospective buyers. Start with the little things like trimming your grass, clearing any leaves and completing some general maintenance work.

If you have a decking or patio area, ensure this is thoroughly cleaned and presentable. If you do not have one, and your budget will allow the creation of one, we highly recommend speaking to an expert. Patio spaces allow homeowners to entertain, and will undoubtedly extend your property’s price tag.

  • Revitalise Your Bathroom

Your bathroom needs to look glowing when any prospective buyers come to view your property. A deep clean is a good place to start, but you may wish to regrout and look to replace old or tired looking taps. If you spend money in the right places, this is likely to drive the price of your property up exponentially. If you have the time and money, getting a new bathroom suite fitted will pay dividends when you look at selling your home.

  • Perform Basic Housekeeping Tasks

Performing some basic housekeeping tasks, and ensuring your property is up to the required standard is not complicated. For a little amount of money, you can present a property which suggests the owners are attentive. If people believe the property they are viewing has been well looked after, they are much more likely to approach optimistically and make an offer.

We encourage you to declutter the property, and perform a room to room inspection. Are there small fixes you can make? Peeling paint, dripping taps, squeaky floor boards and broken lightbulbs are amongst some of the things that need to be addressed.

Although we have given you a few tips here, this is by no means a definitive list. There are a lot of areas of the home you can work on that will add value to your home. If you are serious about increasing your property’s saleability, you may even wish to enlist the help of an expert. They will be able to examine your home, and advise you on where you can gain some quick wins. They will also be able to tell you where you should spend significant money, if you are looking to do so.