Ways Hand Sanitiser Can Help at the Office

Ways Hand Sanitiser Can Help at the Office

In this article, we will be looking at hand sanitisers and how they can help to prevent the spread of germs in your office. Hand sanitisers are a must-have for any workplace or school environment where hygiene is important. In fact, it’s estimated that over 80% of illnesses spread from person to person by touch.  On average, office workers touch their face or eyes about 200 times a day. In addition to that many of us also eat lunch at our desks without washing hands in between using the computer and eating food which can be filled with germs from previous users’ fingers/palm prints on keyboards, mice etc. If you were not already aware there are around 60-80 million bacteria per square inch residing on your keyboard right now making it one of the germiest things we come into contact with during an 8 hour workday! This is why hand sanitiser is invaluable for offices where people have limited access to washrooms throughout the course of a working day…

So if you want to keep your employees healthy and happy while reducing sick days taken, you should invest in some hand sanitiser!

Hand Sanitiser Kills Bacteria as Much as Hand Washing

When using alcohol based hand sanitiser  for only 30 seconds, it is the equivalent of washing your hands with soap and water for two minutes. This means that if you are in a hurry or don’t have access to clean water, this product can still keep bacteria off your skin!

By Implementing a Sanitation POLICY, Offices Report Reduced Claims for Preventable Diseases

Hand sanitisers are now a staple in offices across the world. Since implementing this policy, many business owners have reported that employees use hand sanitizer more often and there has been a decrease of preventable diseases such as influenza or pneumonia throughout their office.

Children Find it More Appealing Thanks to its Scent and Color.

Proper hand hygiene can be the number one way to ensure that you reduce absenteeism at work. This is because by practicing proper hand hygiene, i.e., using of sanitisers – it helps lessen the spread of germs and bacteria within your employees which ultimately leads to less workers out sick!

Where to Put Your Hand Sanitisers?

Keeping hand sanitiser on every desk is the best way to avoid germs. Be sure to keep it by your door at work, in meeting rooms, near any elevators you use frequently (such as inside or nearby), and outside bathrooms that are shared with other offices. Keep a bottle of sanitizer handy around snack time too – people love picking up food from kitchens/breakrooms!

You should also keep your work environment clean and free from bacteria to avoid the spread of germs that can lead to illness. If there is ever an outbreak at work or school where someone has been infected with a contagious disease, this presents a real challenge for everyone else who works in close proximity with them! This is why it’s so important to have some sort of disinfectant on hand which will help stop infection spreading by killing off any remaining bacteria before they cause more problems.