What Are The Best Storage Solutions For Apartments?

What Are The Best Storage Solutions For Apartments?

Whether you are looking to update existing, but outdated storage units, or add new storage to your property altogether, there are a lot of options out there to consider. Storage solutions for apartments add a sought after amenity and potential extra income for you, making your property more secure and more competitive, but when it comes down to choosing a storage solution, what is truly the best option? Let’s compare a few of the most popular.

Why Most Property Owners Are Ditching Wire Mesh

Wire mesh storage units are among the most used storage units that come with apartment rentals like Manchaca apartments, but they are outdated and hardly secure. Most property owners that want to offer the extra bonus of secure storage and make an added income from it know that wire mesh units are a recipe for theft and disaster. When families are looking for a new place to call home, they want to choose a property that shows they take interest in the safety of their belongings, and nothing says “oh well” like a wire mesh storage unit. While it was created with truly the best intentions, wire mesh storage units just don’t have the capacity to hold important belongings with the security of a more updated storage solution. When stored belongings are visible in plain sight, only separated by a penetrable layer of wire, they become a target to anyone who sees something of interest. For all of these reasons, wire mesh storage units are absolutely not the best choice on the market.

The Bradyl Box

Innovation in storage and use of space, the Bradyl Box is a secure storage unit that free stands over cars, trucks, and SUVs. With adjustable legs, it can be customized to almost any tenant’s vehicle and its standardized size fits seamlessly into already existing parking spaces, using the unclaimed air space above tenants’ cars. These boxes can hold up to 900 pounds and give an amazing 80 cubic feet of storage space. An easy to use amenity that future tenants will love. With a secure lock, the Bradyl Box keeps your tenant’s belongings easy to reach, while out of sight and danger of onlookers or thieves. Adding Bradyl Boxes to your property for rental also gives the opportunity of a bonus income for you, truly a win-win. This is a great option for a property looking to add storage without a ton of unused space to add large bins because it uses already existing space.

The Bradyl Bin

What wire mesh storage units lack, the Bradyl Bin proudly exceeds at. While at first glance, wire mesh options may seem to be more cost-effective, the Bradyl Bin brings more revenue and often costs around the same! Locking and secure storage bins that keep their belongings safe, but accessible to them on the same property they live on. This is a game-changer for tenants searching for a new rental and is an amenity that they are willing to pay extra for. Give your tenants the benefits of a self-storage service, right in their apartment complex property. The Bradyl Bin is a more traditional style storage locker like you would find at a self-storage place, and studies show residents will pay from $30 to over $100 extra to use these secure lockers to keep their valuables in. Tenants prefer this style of storage to an old fashioned wire mesh design, because they have peace of mind that their belongings are safe, and the design of the Bradyl Bins are more attractive and stylish. These storage units are the best option for a property with some extra space available to turn into a profit-making storage area.