What Is an Over Car Storage Unit?

What Is an Over Car Storage Unit?

On-site storage solutions are not only a sought after amenity by renters but can be an excellent extra income for property owners who rent them out for a monthly fee. Property owners who want to add storage to their apartment building but don’t have a surplus of open space to install traditional style storage lockers may want to consider an alternative kind of storage solution, an over car storage unit. This kind of storage solution can fit into a standard-sized parking spot and provide safe and secure storage without needing large areas of open space. Renters and property owners alike love car space storage for the unique design, safe and secure feel, and the added value to the property overall. Storage on-site can help keep the grounds organized and clear hallways and patios of unwanted clutter and extra belongings. 

What is the Best Over Car Storage?

The top priorities when finding an on-site storage option are the safety and privacy of the unit. Bradyl Boxes from Bradyl Storage Solutions are made fully of steel and can hold up to 900 pounds of stored items and offer over 80 cubic feet of storage space. They feature adjustable legs so they can fit comfortably over any sized car, truck, or SUV.  They provide safe, secure, and private storage for your tenants’ belongings all while adding a sleek and modern design to your property and improving the overall value. Bradyl Boxes are loved by renters for the secure and designated space, and the easy access to their things when they need them. In-house, studies have shown that renters most of the time would be willing to move their off-site storage to a Bradyl Box if one became available to them. 

Why You Should Avoid Wire Mesh

Property owners can easily be tempted to go with storage units that seem to be cost-effective while giving up security and privacy in exchange. Wire mesh is one of the most popular options among those trying to cut costs on storage, but one of the least popular with renters. Wire mesh does not give any protection or coverage, and renters typically don’t feel their belongings are safe in these kinds of units. When renters don’t feel storage bins don’t give them safety, they are far less likely to find them worthy of using and paying for use. The mesh doesn’t provide coverage from dirt, debris, insects, or in the worst cases, wandering eyes and thieves. When going through the trouble of installing storage to your property, it’s important to choose a storage solution that your renters will find valuable and want to rent from you. The Bradyl Box is comparable in price to wire mesh units and is far preferred by renters for its security, privacy and dependability. 

Find the Best Fit For Your Property

We hope this was a helpful guide into what car space storage units are, why we love them and why it’s important to find an option that offers security and privacy to your renters. Offering storage on your property is not only a sought after amenity by potential future renters, but it conveys a sense of caring about your tenants well being. Renters love the convenience of being able to store their extra things in a space that is easily accessible when they need it, and safe to leave when they don’t. Renters are ready and willing to pay the rental fee to use quality storage units if they provide secure shelter for their things. When choosing the perfect unit for your property, remember to keep your tenants’ needs in mind.

Why Choose Car Space Storage

There is no shortage of on-site storage options, 304 stainless steel parking space storage bins only being one example. They are a great fit for smaller properties with little to no extra unused space to install traditional-style lockers. Some prefer the privacy of the parking space storage bins and enjoy the fact that they are freestanding and not connected to other renters’ units. They can turn unused space either at the front of the parking spot, or over the hood of the car, into safe, secure, and private designated storage space that is easily accessible when they need it. Renters value convenience, especially in densely populated areas where it would be a journey in itself for them to find an offsite storage facility.