What People Love about Living in Bellevue

What People Love about Living in Bellevue

When you’re ready to pick up and move, it’s important that you pick a city that speaks to your needs.  This means a fantastic location, job opportunities, and fantastic chances to build a life for yourself.

Bellevue is a dream come true for so many people.  These are the top reasons to consider a move!

Fantastic Location

Where you live matters!  Bellevue is an awesome location because it’s inland but also close to beaches and gorgeous scenery.  You can enjoy perks like clear water and endless greenery while also being extremely close to a major city.  This location means you get all of the perks of a tech hub, including new technology, jobs, and younger energy, while

Low Crime Rates

If you’re looking at Bellevue houses for sale, the low crime rates will be a pleasant perk!  Whether you’re looking at starting a family or you’re nervous about living somewhere with unreliable safety standards, it’s okay to be on the hunt for a space that feels right to you.

The crime rates in Bellevue are some of the lowest in the country and offer a chance to enjoy fantastic walkable streets and fun 24/7 without the worry of being harmed or robbed.  This is a great community for anyone to live in.

Mild Climate

The climate for most of western Washington is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Thanks to the warming ocean air, this area barely gets any snow and allows for the best weather year-round.

This is especially great if you’re moving away from an area with severe weather, like the hot American south or the frigid north.  Instead, you get the best of every season out there.

This area is also usually free of most of the worries a lot of the country has to worry about, from hurricanes to earthquakes, tornadoes, or even severe thunderstorms: Bellevue is in the clear.

Awesome Tech Industry

If you want a high-paying job, you just have to work within the tech industry.  You don’t necessarily even have to work directly with computers: human resources, management, advertising, assistant positions, and so much more are available and pay higher as long as they’re connected to the tech industry.

Bellevue is 15 minutes away from the capital of Microsoft in Redmond and 15 minutes away from downtown Seattle, where tons of tech startups are right at home.  This gives you a large swath of job opportunities while still living in an amazing city.

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Beautiful Scenery

The scenery where you are can make a huge difference in how you feel about home!  Bellevue is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.  From mountain and water views to endless greenery and fantastic architecture, there are a lot of fascinating and beautiful things to check out.  A lot of this area is purposefully kept as green as possible, which makes a living here feel like paradise!

There’s Nothing Like Bellevue

Bellevue is a dream come true for anyone who wants to live in paradise.  If you’re considering a big move and aren’t sure where you’ll land, think about these awesome points before you make your choice!