Why Should You Replace Your Single Pane Windows With Double Glazing Ones

Why Should You Replace Your Single Pane Windows With Double Glazing Ones

Are you planning to have your home’s windows replaced? Well, there are many reasons that could lead to such a decision. One of them could be because you need to boost the heat-cool efficiency of the home. One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of replacing the windows is by choosing double glazing Perth. Double glazing windows will help you in saving a great deal of money that you could otherwise spend on heating bills and also enjoy numerous attractive benefits.

What Are Double-Glazing Windows?

The entire behind double-glazed windows is very simple. The windows come with two glass panes, which are spaced many millimeters apart. The air within the glass panes forms a powerful insulation barrier which helps in keeping off heat during the summer and cold air during the winter. Additionally, double gazing Perth will effectively reduce the transfer of cool and warm air from your central air or furnace unit.

Double Glazing Windows Vs. Single Pane Windows

For double glazed windows to insulate perfectly, they need to be air tight. The manufacturers of these windows use a drying agent during manufacturing to get rid of moisture between the glass panes. For that, one of the ways of determining whether or not the seal is broken is by seeing condensation on the interior of double glazed windows.  A broken seal will make it impossible for the windows to keep cool and warm air from going out of the house.

Single panes windows aren’t good enough at insulating your house. According to research, 60% of the average heat transfer in a home happens as a result of single pane windows. On the other hand, double glazing Perth significantly lessens that heat transfer and can save up to 12% on your energy bills annually. That means that it’s worth it buying and installing these types of windows as they will help you save a significant amount after installation.

Double Glazing Windows Are Environmentally Friendly

Double glazing Perth ensures environmentally friendliness. Home cooling and heating is responsible for approximately 28% of a carbon dioxide emitted. Double glazing windows work to significantly decrease these emissions, reducing the impact your home causes on the environment. Coupled with the huge reduction in loss of energy this makes replacing those single pane windows on your home with double glazing ones an outstanding option.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Double glazing windows have another notable benefit in that they help to reduce noise pollution and make your home a better place to be. Once you replace the single pane windows with double glazing ones, you and your family will be hearing less noise from the streets and the outside of your home. That way, spending time at home, especially after a busy day at work will sweet and the home environment will be quieter and more peaceful, which will enhance your stay-home experience.

Double glazing Perth provides an additional later of security for the home. These types of windows are harder to break compared to their single pane windows counterparts. That means that intruders are going to be less likely to get into the house and steal items. The majority of windows with double glazing features also come with a stronger locking system that enhances security.


If you’re planning to place your home on sale, installing double glazing windows can be a perfect way of attracting potential buyers. Though there are many factors that contribute to a home selling faster, homes with double glazed windows are said to find buyers faster. They typically sell at a higher price too than those with single pane windows. That’s because double glazing are more appealing and will save huge chunks of money for the new owners by cutting down the cooling and heating costs. The installation of these windows is better done by professionals and this case double glazing Perth can help you to take care of that.