Wingback beds have proved themselves to be timeless and classic designs through the years. Choosing the right bed for your bedroom is the first and foremost thing while upgrading or renovating a bedroom. The wingback beds are one of the most luxuriously stylish furniture items that can be a centre point of your bedroom. If you are thinking about choosing style and luxury then this bed type is worth considering.

Luxury wingback beds offer style and comfort with elegance. The wide headboard covers most of the back wall and gives a warm and plush look to your overall room décor. It is stretched like wings behind the bed providing a royal look to your bed. It also offers good support to your back while sitting on the bed.

Let’s check out some features of these beds that might relate to your style.

Handmade Wingback beds

Handmade wingback beds are still one of the most popular bed styles in demand. The wooden handmade beds are a classic and liked by the majority. This style does not go away, meaning that it is evergreen. The wood design is the most trusted because it can go with any type and colour of the other furniture in the bedroom.

They are made in different styles, ranging from the barred open style to a closed stretched style of wood. The open style is a wooden frame with wooden bars fixed in it to make a wide headboard. The other one is the style that is not open but closed and carved out of the same wood pieces with quality and strength intact. It comes with minor variations in the designs but overall, with the same signature large headboard covering a large portion of the back wall.

Upholstered Design

The luxury wingback beds give you the freedom of choosing a colour when they are made with upholstery. The upholstery is means padded with the covering of the fabric or leather. The fabric gives you the choice of colour. The padding is covered with the fabrics like linen, polyester and velvet. There are many colours available in these fabrics.

The leather covering of the upholstery is a classic and times design. The luxury wingback beds are a huge symbol of stylish living, especially combined with the luxury bed frames they are the absolute mark of stylish and luxurious living style.

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The Large Size 

One of the key features of this luxury item is its large size. It covers a big part of the wall behind the bed. It is so large that it covers the back of the bedside table and a small closet, that is if you have any besides the bed. Often the room walls are made very thin within the house, joining two rooms. The large headboard of handmade wingback beds is a heavily built piece of the bed, which can cover up the thin walls and give you more privacy and security without putting much pressure on the thin walls of the bedroom.

The Large size of the luxury wingback beds is a big style statement in itself. When you open the door of the bedroom, the first thing to catch your eyes is the big bed with its headboard spreading like the wings. It becomes the focal point of the bedroom interior which overshadows all the other room décor.

This feature in a way saves you from buying other expensive art pieces to stylize the room because the large and luxurious wingback bed can give enough style and elegance to the room that you don’t need other big styling objects.

A Style Statement

The central and focal piece of furniture in your bedroom is always your bed. To make this style statement even stronger, choose this handmade wingback bed for its ability to complement any type of room décor. It can fit any type of décor, ranging from a classical heavy or bulky look of wood to a more modernized look.

The modernized look, which has improvised the classic look, is mostly wrapped up with some luxurious fabric to give a soft and comfortable sight by just looking at it. The fabrics used mostly for wrapping up the frame are linen, velvet and polyester. With velvet, you have to be careful of avoiding any kind of scratches which can easily ruin its look.

These are some of the main reasons to make the wingback beds your first choice as you are upgrading your bedroom or decorating a new bedroom. The style, the size, the heavy built up to look, everything contributes to the elegance of the bedroom. There is a wide variety available of wingback beds to choose from at Ottoman Beds. So, visit Ottoman Beds and have a look at the different sizes and designs to choose from.