Yes, Your Backyard Needs Some Garden Structures

Garden Structures

It goes without saying that backyards and gardens are some of the most flexible areas of the home where we can bring out all our creativity. And, regardless if we mess up and have blunder here and there, it doesn’t directly affect our daily schedule because it’s right out back and won’t bother you unless you go outside. Plus, once you’re feeling up to it or have the weekend off, you can easily pick back where you finished last time and keep going.

However, we’ve seen an awful lot of homeowners, both new and long-standing, just consciously choose to stick with their traditional and simple backyards. And, while there’s nothing inherently wrong about them, they’re also consciously avoiding the opportunity to dip their toes into landscaping and design. So, today we’ll be going over some garden structures that can drastically improve how your backyard looks and squeeze a bit more property value out of your home.

Simple Backyards Look Good but Lack a Personal Touch

So, just to reiterate, we’re not saying that there’s a problem with simple and traditional backyards. In fact, some homes look better staying on a traditional style, especially if they have the benefit of an expansive natural vista at their luxury. However, it also goes without saying that not all homes are fortunate enough to have their own vistas, let alone an expansive space. As a result, sticking with a simple and traditional backyard makes your house look rather dull and unoriginal.

  • Landscaping Is About Creative Expression: Home is where the heart is, and the physical space that you stay and unwind at should also represent your personality and inclinations in life. It would be rather dissonant if your backyard garden was all rainbows and bursts of sunshine, but you actually prefer warmer and darker tones. So, landscaping gives you the opportunity to openly express your creativity on your property.
  • Many Projects Are Affordable and Accessible: New homeowners often get the misconception that any renovation or landscaping plan will require a really big budget to accomplish, but reality says otherwise. In fact, there are loads of DIY projects you can find online that are affordable and accessible. For example, the choices we’ll be going over will be budget-friendly!

What Are My Choices?

Of course, since we want to keep our promise of affordability and accessibility, don’t expect any large-scale projects because those will naturally cost a lot more cash to even get started. Instead, we’ll be going over some garden structures and designs that you can get by doing with a small budget and a bit of elbow grease to move things around.

  • Laying Down A Patio

Patios are an excellent way to increase your living space in the backyard, and you can easily add more features into this garden structure over time. Pavers are generally available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, which means you’ll have plenty of fun looking for the right one that suits the motif and theme you’re trying to achieve. As a general rule of thumb, take your time in laying the foundation and using pegs and strings to stay symmetrical. Plus points if you have an angle grinder laying around to cut curves on the slabs.

  •  Building A Pergola

If you have a walkway you’re looking to cover and want a more homey feeling in your backyard; then we strongly suggest building an overarching pergola to add climbing plants and more. Your local hardware store should have plenty of pergola kits for you to choose from, but if you’re more experienced with woodcarving, cutting, and design, then feel free to create one yourself. We recommend sticking with tones that reflect the interior of your home, like taking the same wood tones from your kitchen design.

  •  Making A Raised Bed

Last but not least, for all those gardeners and active flower moms and dads, a great way to highlight your green babies is by making a raised bed. All you need is a rectangular timber frame, measuring the base, so it’s all level, and skewing heavy-duty coach screws to hold adjacent pieces tightly together. If you’re not much of a fan of doing the heavy-duty cutting yourself, you can have your pressure-treated wood pre-cut to your desired length.

Pro Tip: Don’t Do Everything All At Once

Now, before you go on and start picking out materials for your garden structures, we strongly advise that you choose one and stick with it because doing everything at the same time is just bad practice. There’s no telling what other steps or unexpected fixes you’ll need to cover for, such as needing concrete leveling for your walkway or running into troublesome pests lurking in your backyard. It’s best to stay with one and slowly work your way up.

Bringing Out Beauty With Garden Structures

Overall, there’s so much you can do with your backyard and garden that adding structures and newly-built features are but the tip of the iceberg. So, we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to try landscaping and design before you find yourself busy again!