The Best Cooling Roofing Material For Warmer Climates

The Best Cooling Roofing Material For Warmer Climates

We all know that roofs are the most crucial part of your house. Besides, being trendy and beautiful you have to care about lots of stuff as well. For instance, what kind of materials you should use for roofing according to the surrounding, which shingle color is best suited for your house, which type of services you need, and so on. Likewise, there are various other features to consider as well. The color and material of the roof have a great impact on the overall environment of the house that is why you should ask the best roofing services to guide you in this regard. There are specific materials that are suited best to use in the areas that have a warmer climate. Similarly, some colors are preferred to opt for roofing in those areas which have warmer climate and humidity.

You might be thinking whether the climate condition affects the roofing or not. The answer is yes it does! However, the right choices will help you to gain maximum advantages of the warmer climate. To elaborate this further we have explained some of the important points in detail on this topic. Give them a read and your questions will be answered.

Slate-colored tile

Slate tiles are very popular in the USA, as well as in Europe. These colored tiles are durable and classy. There is a little required to maintain these tiles. In addition to this, they are also very famous for their beautiful look and historic importance. These tiles give your house an aesthetic look. Besides, these slate tiles are also very effective for providing a cooling effect. This is because slate tiles are lighter in color and due to this feature they can reflect the heat. Thus, keeping the house cool.

However, slate tiles are somewhat heavy and a bit expensive. But if you want long-term advantages then these tiles are an amazing, trendy, and durable choice.


Every field has become revolutionized to a great extent. Today, many materials and accessories are available in the market that will help your roof to avoid as much heat as you can. Some builders use special sprays and materials that give a coat to your roofs. These coats work as an insulating material and reflect the heat. There are various coating sprays: foam-based sprays, ceramic-based paints, radiant barriers, and elastomeric sealant.

There is another way of insulating your house from the heat by using a cooling barrier between the roof and attic; instead of adding a top layer on the roof. Materials, like aluminum, play the role of the radiant buffer by preventing the heat to enter the house via the roof.

White metal

The white metal is an outstanding choice that is very efficient in weather resistance. Besides, protecting from heavy rainfall and snow, it also protects from the harshness of warm air and loo. This is because metal does not retain heat which helps to enhance the cooling effect.

However, white metal is a bit expensive. On the other hand, it is long-lasting and has a lot of benefits. It is a one-time expense due to being durable. Moreover, external painting in contrast with the white metal looks so beautiful.

Concrete tiles

As we have mentioned that metal can cool down quickly; nevertheless, concrete has the quality to absorb heat very slowly. Light color and concrete form a radical combination that helps to provide you protection from the cruel sun rays. Additionally, concrete is cost-friendly. Thus, it serves as a reasonable alternative to expensive material.

Solar panels

Solar panels are the best way to utilize sunlight. We know that white metal, clay, and slate tiles are effective in reflecting the heat. But solar panels can capture and store the heat. Those who live in warm areas have the advantage of storing heat energy by installing the solar panels on the roofs.

Rubberized coating

This material is not effective to prevent the heat. However, it is an ideal material to provide cooling technology. To clear the misconception, these materials are not rubber but made up of materials that seem like rubber. For example, thermoplastic, and rubber-like membranes. These materials also help to prevent the roof from the damage caused by the harsh climate. White color materials are also good in reflecting the heat from the roofs.

Terracotta and clay

For a long time terracotta and clay have been very famous options for the people of Southwest America. This material helps you to avoid wear and tear caused by the harsh rays of the sun. There are different features which help to reduce the heating effect: the shape of the tiles, as the interlocked arches of the semi-barrel tiles form a groove or pocket that helps to circulate the warm water and air; and a lighter shade of the kiln-based clay.

Barrel tiles

Barrel tiles, like terracotta tiles, have such shape which forms a pocket and allows the circulation of the air. Furthermore, barrel tiles are cost-friendly because these are made up of concrete and coated with white color. This helps to reflect a great deal of heat.