Why You Should Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Why You Should Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners?

People often find easy solutions to solve a problem. One of which is dealing with a clogged drain. Most households prefer using chemicals like drain cleaners. This is because it’s a quick fix and is cheaper than Sydney drain services cost. Unfortunately, we didn’t realise that they may cause severe damages or potential problems to our sewer system. Chemicals are toxic substances and can cause harm to our sewer pipes. Below are the most common reasons why you should avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

What Are Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners are consumer products that are chemically based and designed to soften grease and hardened blockage on a drain. Once these enzymes soften the clog in the drain will be washed away and water can freely move out of the drainage pipes. According to Sydney drain experts, there are three main chemical formulas present among drain cleaners sold in the market. These are acids, caustics, and oxidizers. 

  • Acidic drain cleaners are a liquid combination of hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, and sulphuric acid. They use the principle of hydrolysis to dissolve fats and solid drain blockages. Acid hydrolysis means breaking down large molecules into smaller fragments through the use of hydrogen atoms. 
  • Caustic drain cleaners are a mixture of aluminium oxide, potassium oxide, and sodium hypochlorite. They are typically in solid form. As aluminium reacts with sodium hydroxide and water, the solution produces hydrogen gas that breaks up the fats and greases. The gas causes bubbling and fizzing as it eliminates the clogged on your drain. 
  • Oxidizing drain cleaners are liquid mixtures of hydrogen peroxide and nitrate. These are common elements among household cleaners. These types of drain cleaners remove electrons on the mass blockage to make them easily move out of the drain. 

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are an easy and quick solution to fix a clogged drain. But they are not the best approach to cleaning your drains like Sydney drain services. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using chemical drain cleaners

They can Damage your Septic System.

A septic tank system uses bacteria to break down waste. The toxic chemicals in a drain cleaner kill these beneficial bacteria. They dispute the natural process of the septic system causing it to be damaged and failed. 

They can Damage your Sewer Pipe System

Chemical drain cleaners generate heat to soften the clogs in your sewer pipes. But they can also soften your sewer pipes. These can cause breaks, cracks, and holes. Eventually, you may need to call Sydney drain services to repair and replace the pipes.

They Don’t Work in all Types of Clogs

Rain cleaners are not effective for all types of clogs. They will not work on stubborn clogs or tree roots obstruction. They may only result in disappointing or lose-lose-lose results. It is best to have Sydney drain services identify the root cause instead of trying to solve a clogged drain without knowing them.

They can Cause Health Hazards

Chemical drain cleaners are very harmful to humans. So, we should take extra precautions before using them. They can harm your eyes, mucous membranes, and skin. Even a little drop of these chemicals can be very toxic if swallowed. These chemicals also released noxious fumes that can cause drowsiness, diarrhoea, or vomiting. What is worse is that they can also result in an explosion. 

They can Cause Environmental Hazards

Chemical drain cleaners are made up of highly toxic elements. If you use them in your sewer pipes, there is a great chance that they can mix with the water supply. Such contaminated water supply can be harmful to the environment and wildlife.  

To promote general safety, it would be best to hire Sydney drain services instead of using chemical drain cleaners to unclog your drains.

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